WATCH – Footage of Hillary’s Latest ‘Medical Episode’ Is Going Viral, Watch Before Deleted

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The presidency is a demanding position, requiring, among other things, constant decision making. Hillary seems less and less fit for these demands as she continues to show medical problems!

In the most recent viral video, Hillary’s voice started cracking, and she had to leave the stage early. Turn your volume up to hear an odd voice-crack, the kind a teen boy might have!

To anyone thinking: “that’s just a voice crack, what’s the big deal?” You have to remember that there’s a long history of Hillary appearing to have a troubled throat, and some of her other symptoms have appeared to be very serious.

Most recently the Angry Patriot reported that that Hillary had a gash on her face. This could be the result of a fall, which she has been having frequently.

The most famous example was partially caught on video, during the last 9/11 memorial day. Hillary was seen my mainstream media returning to her car early. Suddenly she went bow legged, and her security staff rushed in. Her legs looked entirely limp as they threw her into the van.

At first Hillary tried to deny this fall, but once the video became popular she turned around and blamed it on the heat. Mind you it was a perfect fall weather type of day! Later, she combined this excuse with another, and got a doctor to say that she had pneumonia at the time, too.

Of course if she had pneumonia, she would have to explain why it took so long for her to admit it. And why she hugged little children and remained in close contact with many people at the same time she had a contagious disease.

It’s more likely that Clinton’s campaign quickly called up a doctor who would be willing to lie to media about having previously diagnosed the candidate with pneumonia. In fact, if Hillary does have a more serious condition, the campaign could have scouted out this doctor beforehand, so they would have a contingency plan if her symptoms were caught on video.

This is far from the only incident. Clinton has had to be helped up the stairs many times. She’s had a coughing fits regularly since 2008. An ambulance has recently been spotted in her motorcade.

There is even chatter that she had a stroke. These rumors likely spring from released pictures that depict Clinton receiving a stroke test from a personal doctor, who specializes in strokes. To further support this theory, in emails leaked by WikiLeaks, Clinton’s staff made comments about her “head not being right.”

It seems that, if Clinton has a serious disease, it affects her throat and balance. And there are some very serious conditions where these are primary symptoms.

Of course, even if this latest incident is innocuous and/or if Hillary is perfectly healthy, she’s still proven that can’t be trusted to tell the truth about her health during the “pneumonia” incident. Hillary can’t be trusted to tell the truth about anything!


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