Watch Megyn Kelly Lie About Trump Campaign Manager in 7 Seconds

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On Monday night assault hoaxer Michelle Fields continued to stick with her lies about her fantasy assault by Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

Of course, Megyn Kelly gave Fields 9 minutes to continue this lie on national television.

The interview was littered with lies about the non-assault.
You literally had to be blind to not see the truth that was playing in the background of what actually happened and Michelle’s open lies to FOX host Megyn Kelly.

Michelle claimed, once again, that Corey Lewandowski admitted to the fantasy attack after the fantasy attack happened.
That was debunked days ago. Matt Doyle came clean on that. Lewandowski never admitted this. He first heard about the accusations the next morning!

Megyn Kelly played video from The Gateway Pundit that completely destroys Michelle Fields’ accusations.
This video played in the background during Kelly’s 9-minute interview with Michelle Fields.


The video proves that NOTHING HAPPENED – NOTHING!
—Unless, of course, brushing up against someone when you walk by them is now considered assault!

Fields did not flinch when Corey walked past her. Her facial expression did not change.

This is a VERY DANGEROUS GAME you are playing Megyn Kelly!

Kelly then allows Fields to continue to push her lies for several minutes and then Megyn Kelly added this – in 8 seconds or less:

“First they said there is no video of the incident. Not we know that’s not true. Then they said there was no one who witnessed it and that’s not true. The Washington Post. Then he said he never had any contact with you and now we see that that is not true.”

Megyn Kelly is a liar and she is perpetrating fraud against the Trump campaign.

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