Watch The Video As Survivor of Brussels Attack Describes Airport Bombing

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Mason Wells, a 19-year-old who survived both the terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium and the Boston Marathon Bombing described the attack on the Brussels airport in an interview from his hospital bed released by the Associated Press.

Wells said, “[T]he blast was really loud. It even lifted my body a little bit. And I remember feeling a lot of really hot, and really cold feelings on the whole right side of my body. I was covered in a fair amount of blood, and not necessarily mine even. And I remember seeing, you know, fire in front of my face, and also kind of fire down by my feet on the ground. And we were really close, I feel lucky to have escaped with what I did.”

Wells, a Mormon missionary, continued, “You know, as I ran out of the airport, the second blast went off, and I was sitting there on the sidewalk outside the airport, sitting my own blood, and there was a feeling of calm and peace that I had. And it was beyond just the physical shock that I had, and I attribute that to the presence of God, and I lived some very personal experiences during that horrible ordeal. And if there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that, if God — He can hear the prayers that I was giving out on that sidewalk, as I was laying down. I know that He hears the prayers of everyone.”

He concluded that he hopes to contribute to the community that he’s in, and hopes to be an engineer, and “The future holds what it holds.” And that he’s confident things will work out in time, but at the moment, he’s focused on getting better. Wells also said that he’s always had people around him that have taken care of him, and he’s “very lucky” to have them.

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