Badass Confronts TransGender FREAK For Soliciting ’14yr. Old Girl’ ONLINE

Viral WTF

This transgender man (woman?) was confronted for his attempt to have sex with a 14 year old girl by baiting her in online.

His reaction will prove just how sick and twisted he really is. Do you think that people like this need mental help or do you think they need to be punished severely?

Watch the confrontation unfold below:

0 thoughts on “Badass Confronts TransGender FREAK For Soliciting ’14yr. Old Girl’ ONLINE

  1. There is one thing that could be done to prove that the accusations being made are true or not, Before posting this video. One person takes it upon himself to expose a ‘suspected” molester, not one that has been convicted. It is so possible that someone stole the phone and is impersonating the “accused”. A simple check on the location of said phone when the chats happened, or the IP address of the computer that was used to chat. At the time that all the supporting evidence that ‘john doe’ thinks is enough to convict the “suspected” molester, should then be given to the POLICE to complete the investigation and if warranted, lay charges. As it stands, ‘john doe’ could be liable for charges to be laid against him. Possibly invasion of privacy, false accusations (this is why you let the police make the official accusation), are two that come to mind. These two alone could bankrupt someone after being sued. COVER YOUR ASSets. Collect what “evidence” you have, then let the police do their job. With the way the gun laws are in the US, approaching someone that way and making such an accusation, could result in the police being called for a different reason. Do what you think you have to do, but don’t be stupid about it. Report the crime, but then leave it to the police.

  2. he’s a sicko. that is why us women do NOT WANT a bathroom shared with them. keep them OUT. OR charge them with harasement. It is harassment if the women or child is uncomfortable around them in bathrooms.

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