Here is the proof that Hillary Clinton is just a well-funded marionette of big pocket donors, most of which are foreign.  New documentary video shows how Hillary and Bill made their millions and how it likely impacted us, the American taxpayers forced to live under their rule for far too long.

Via Angry Patriot

Clinton Cash is an investigative documentary video that delved deep behind the public personas of Bill and Hillary Clinton in an effort to find out how they went from “dead broke” to sitting on a $150 million pile of cash.

As the bank account of Hillary and Bill Clinton grew more plump, the Clinton Foundation pocketed more than $2 BILLION in donations – again, mostly from foreign donors.

Hillary’s bottom line grew significantly large while she was still secretary of state, thanks to excessive speaking fees and various contracts funded by Clinton Foundation donors and foreign companies.

The Clinton Foundation has been active in more than 180 countries.

A former United States president and a spouse who wants to become president COULD have launched a charitable foundation to help American citizens, but instead they opted to do good works on foreign soil. Why?

Perhaps the Clinton world domination conspiracies are true – they are, after all, close pals with new world order Open Society multi-billionaire George Soros.

Bill and Hillary could just be such loving and big-hearted people they wanted to save the world and help everyone…or accepting money from foreign donors and filtering it through international banks and then a non-profit organization was just the shortest route to getting rich and accruing more power.

Bill Clinton was paid $5 million for serving as some type of goodwill ambassador for a foreign international school chain – his deal ended just days before Hillary announced her run for office.

As more and more information becomes public – much of the material was garnered via court order only after FOIA requests were denied – the very close ties between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation is becoming even more evident.


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