WE WARNED YOU: Dude Enters Ladies Restroom. Guess What Happens To 10-Year-Old Little Girl.


A Pennsylvania man who was arrested for taking photos of a 10-year-old girl in a public restroom has now also been hit with child porn charges, police report.

Quarryville, PA, resident James Thomas Shoemaker, 19, was arrested last week when he was found hiding in a stall of the woman’s bathroom in the Sheetz store on Manheim Pike. Police said he was taking images of young girls on his cell phone.

The arrest comes as progressives step up their judicial and media push to force American adults and youths to share all of their public bathrooms and changing rooms with the small number of people who try to live and look like people of the opposite sex. In mid-April, for example, Target stores announced they would only allow mixed-sex changing rooms and toilets. On April 21, media outlets claimed that Donald Trump supported the progressive campaign to eliminate single-sex bathrooms.

In fact, Trump backs the current live-and-let-live policy favored by most Americans, in which they willingly tolerate the quiet use of normal bathrooms by people of the opposite sex.

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0 thoughts on “WE WARNED YOU: Dude Enters Ladies Restroom. Guess What Happens To 10-Year-Old Little Girl.

  1. In 2007, I visited Ukraine. The family that I was visiting took me with them on vacation to the Crimea and the Black Sea. It was a 15 hour trip, one way. Ukraine does not have an Interstate highway system like the US. There are no Super Service Centers or state maintained Rest Areas with Bathrooms. What bathrooms that were available were multi hole outhouses. Some places, you used a field behind the gas station. The outhouses have a 3 foot divider between the holes. At one stop, I was standing using one hole and a woman came, looked at me and took the hole beside me. Nothing was said, even though I could look over the 3 foot divider and watch every thing she did, I didn’t, but could have. It didn’t seem to bother her, but I was embarrassed.

  2. I have no problem with unisex restrooms as long only one sex is there at a time. If you have a penis your male, if not female, so you don’t belong in there together.

  3. With all due respect:


    And guess where? Sports facilities for youth, church camps, even within the vacinity of a police officer (and it was the policeman sexually assaulting someone).

    I don’t know about you, but hmm… when did the term “peeping tom” come? BEFORE THE TRANSGENDER BATHROOM DEBATE.

    Oh, and must I remind you how many right-wing conservatives mistreat transgender people. Let’s not forget about the recent murders of transgender women of color (aka “colored men who want to be women”) because of their identity.

  4. Ya stupid f**ks! Has nothing to do with gender neutral bathrooms. You’ve warned about nothing. Perverts don’t need gender neutral toilets to be perverts! Get a life and agrees some real issues

  5. This is literally just about a guy who hid in a womans restroom to peep. If anything, this just goes to prove creeps are gonna do it regardless…Whats to stop gay people from peeping in their same gendered restrooms? Sexual assault is illegal regardless of gender. Long story short, in reality it doesn’t matter who really uses the restrooms, you do anything besides your own buisness like this guy? You get put away, like this guy.

  6. This is utter BS. This has nothing to do with the bill and everything with creepy men doing illegal things. Nobody is eliminating single sex bathrooms. And it’s not about letting men into women’s bathrooms. It’s about women who were born in the wrong body use the right bathroom where they are free from harrassment. Stop spreading lies that lead to hate and real harm.

  7. This happened in 2013 and is in no way connected to transgender people using the restroom, or the current overflow of anti-trans bathroom bills. STOP ADDING TO THE PROBLEM BY TRYING TO START DRAMA BY REINVENTING OLD NEWS STORIES TO DRUM UP PUBLICITY!!! This type of media and news IS the issue here.

  8. Why is my last comment still awaiting moderation? Is it because I called you out for starting unnecessary drama by exploiting a 3 year old story to try and make a point that is relevant today? this has NOTHING TO DO WITH TRANSPEOPLE OR THE BATHROOM LAWS. Why don’t you get your heads out of your asses, fire whomever thought it was a good idea to run this scam, and report real news?

  9. I’m sorry did I miss part of the story? Oh wait I get it he must have been born female and trying to follow the rule of using the bathroom based on the genitalia you were born with. Otherwise this story doesn’t really prove anything except for the fact that there are some seriously sick non-transgender people in this world and since ther is no one monitoring who goes in and out of the restrooms everyone is at risk of coming in contact with a pervert like this. If someone knows otherwise please elaborate. Personally I cannot see how making transgender women use the men’s room and transgender men use the womens room is going to stop things like this from happening. If anything I think it will make it much easier for these type of perverts if we enforce this new idea. It’s not going to ease my mind to see people who look like men going into the women’s restrooms because of what their birth certificate says that’s their gender. And is someone going to be ther to “check”??? C’mon people get real. Stop creating problems and let’s focus on real issues within our society.

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