What Biden Did After Signing An Anti Sex Predator Bill Will Make You…


Joe Biden’s inappropriate behavior towards women is widely known. I mean, old Joe just can’t help himself.

After several women said from past years that Biden had touched them in ways that made them uncomfortable.

Three women have already come out with uncomfortable stories about the President’s past behavior. Former Nevada state assemblywoman Lucy Flores who claimed in an essay published that Biden once invaded her personal space ahead of her campaign event, smelling her hair and planting a slow kiss on the back of her head, while former Democratic aide Amy Lappos said Biden once put his hand around her neck and pulled her in to rub noses, and Tara Reade who accused her former boss then-Senator Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her in 1993, according to her, She caught up with Biden in a corridor in the Russel building to give him his gym bag and that’s when he sexually assaulted her. The then-Senator Joe Biden pushed her up against the wall and penetrated her with his fingers.

Not only that, the stories kept coming, Biden appears to have a habit of inappropriately touching women and children, in a way that can look creepy when caught on camera, in a way that can apparently feel creepy to the women experiencing it.

However, on March 3, Joe Biden, a serial groper, indicated his virtue by signing H.R. 4445 in a public ceremony.

H.R. 4445  “Ending Forced Arbitration of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Act of 2021.” The bipartisan bill amends the Federal Arbitration Act (FAA) to permit an employee alleging sexual assault or harassment to invalidate a pre-dispute arbitration agreement or joint-action waiver. Such arbitration agreements are typically found in employment agreements.

Biden has long been known for touching and standing close to women, earning the nickname “Creepy Uncle Joe,” and just three months ago, he was caught on camera groping a little boy.

But despite this, he is now lecturing Americans on a groper bill.

There’s no sicker than this…

During Biden’s signing ceremony, the former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson who previously sued Roger Ailes for sexual harassment in 2016 attended the event.

Joe Biden dashed over to Gretchen Carlson’s teenagers’ seconds after signing the groping bill.

As he hurriedly climbed off the stage and stepped over a planter to reach the youngsters, Biden remarked to Gretchen Carlson, “I wanna meet your son and daughter.”

He’s really is creepy…

Ultimately, Biden may not feel he needs to change his behavior very much.

Watch it here: Youtube/CBS News

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