The United States-Mexico border wall is seen in Organ Pipe National Park south of Ajo, Arizona, on February 13, 2020. – Construction of US President Donald Trump’s border wall in the area has destroyed many species including the Organ Pipe Cactus. (Photo by SANDY HUFFAKER / AFP) (Photo by SANDY HUFFAKER/AFP via Getty Images)

What Biden Spent Your Wall Money On Is…


No wonder why the border wall construction has been postponed all of the sudden. People were asking why ever since Joe Biden was installed in the White House, no progress was seen on the border wall.

Now, reports show that the Biden Administration unilaterally moved $1.9 billion that was set aside for protecting Americans and now spending it for wasteful and unknown reasons.

Even Biden’s OMB Director Shalanda Young couldn’t provide a detailed answer as to where the funds went to. We are talking about $1.9 billion in taxpayer money that the current administration wasted instead of using these funds to complete the construction of a border wall that would protect Americans.

Young finally answered the question as to where the funds were used by the Biden gang.

Young admitted, “We’re actually doing environmental restoration, something that was woefully lacking.  We’re also doing community consultation.  I think that’s important to many of you who represent constituents.”

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Young’s answer didn’t provide a sufficient of where did $1.9 billion really go and what does ‘environmental restoration and community consultation’ really mean. It seems like Joe Biden has given all this money to someone else and only using this environmental restoration” as an excuse to stop conservatives from asking what had happened to people’s tax money.

This only proved that Biden and his administration does not concern about millions of unchecked illegal immigrants entering the country every year. The border is wide open and even welcomes these individuals who could be terrorists or not.

While the rest of the country has to go to immigration upon entering the country, here we have our border open for all freely.

And Biden’s excuse was they managed to give some of these illegals COVID shots.

Watch it here: The GOP War Room/Youtube

Source: The Gateway Pundit