What CNN Is About To Do Will Have A Lot Of People Looking For Jobs!


The CNN network is now about to undergo massive changes after the network suffered from a freefall ever since Brandon was inaugurated.

The changes coincide with AT&T’s corporate handoff to new owner Discovery and the ouster of former company president Jeff Zucker. Zucker left, Chris Cuomo went, and sundry employees did the same as disgusting allegations of pedophilia came to light.

Aside from Brandon’s inauguration, CNN ratings also went down after fake news about Donald Trump couldn’t be manufactured for its unthinking viewership anymore. And the latest one, since COVID-19 panic is no longer in limelight they could no longer use it to gather viewership since people are now done believing this Covid panic porn.

And for the network to survive CNN owner is now realizing that simply making up hysteria after hysteria might not be a viable long-term plan.

According to the sources that are close to the network, CNN seeks a transition to being a more reputable news source, which will inevitably and necessarily include a change to additional public-facing personnel.

The plan now would be who will go and who will stay! This could get quite interesting. And entertaining.

Jon Nicosia of @NewsPolitics, shared a series of tweets breaking the story:

“SOURCE: John Malone, Discovery’s board member, will “play a huge role in the new organization’s plans to return @CNN to its news channel roots and dismantle the partisan organization Zucker shifted it into” They continue: “This will mean a large realignment of staff.”

“SOURCE: This ‘realignment’ will start with @CNN Anchors. One (who was very close with Zucker) and will have a hard time transitioning away from opinion will “be out by the end of Spring.”

“ALSO: There is a truce between CNN and Fox. As you have seen lately. Stelter didn’t mention Fox once on Sunday. Discovery finds the war “unproductive” – More to come on the future of the “Media Reporter” at CNN.”

“SOURCE UPDATE: “Malone is using CNN’s coverage of Ukraine as an example of the news network he wants back. Excellent journalists, covering events without partisan peacocking”.

According to Hailey Sanibel of Blue State Conservative:

The comment on the channel war between CNN and Fox is super intriguing. Obviously, both channels attract much different bases, but some folks over at CNN (see: Tater Stelter) operate entire programming and social media presences simply by commenting on what Tucker and friends are saying. It’s not interesting and reasonable people have been asking what seems like forever why Stelter continues to have a job. He is not intelligent, not interesting, extremely condescending, and in both listening and watching him, is neither pleasing to the ears nor the eyes.

The change in formatting is also welcome news – pun intended. Their coverage of Ukraine has been a disaster, but it’s hard to place that blame on CNN when everyone’s coverage of Ukraine has been a disaster. They have reporters on the ground trying to make sense of the situation, which is all anyone really asks of a news team. Go to the site, report live and share what you’re seeing and hearing.

Sources: 100 Percent Fed Up, The Blue Conservative