What Democrat Loudmouth James Carville Just Said Will End Him…


One democrat minion is now spreading how nasty garbage his opinion about unvaxxed Americans. Instead of fighting for equality and tolerance, and inclusivity here they are talking about treating unvaccinated Americans like war criminals.

James Carville, of the Dems top of the food chain, is making a message of violence and hate subjecting those people who choose not to take the vaccine.

In a radio show, Carville said that he wished to give punches to those unvaccinated people and even wished it was legal to punch someone else face “punching piece of sh*t unvaccinated people in the face.”

This man literally has no idea that most of the unvaccinated people are black and brown. Or maybe he thinks the only people not taking the government vax – that doesn’t even STOP the spread – are just white MAGA men?

Listen to the audio below:

Below are some of the comments from people online:

“He’s a psycho Liberal. Just look at him”

“This is why “canceling” can sometimes be good. He should lose his job for this” 

“I guess this would sound more powerful if the stupid vaccine actually worked”

“Does he want to punch everyone with natural immunity too? Or no?” 

“Keep playing this on a loop. Let the country know that James Carville wants to punch white, brown, and black Americans in the face” 

“He should come try this.. see how well it works for him.”

“This guy probably weighs about 65 pounds on a good day.” 

“I’m vaccinated, but I would tell him I’m not in hopes he’d punch me in the face. I can’t stand that self righteous dillweed”

“James Carville has said some incredibility stupid things before, but this one takes the cake. I think his politics makes his brains turn to mush. He should be fired or banished for promoting violence against minorities” 

“Why does he want to do this stuff? It doesn’t make sense. He spreads the virus just as much as them. Is it because he’s mad at them that they aren’t doing the same thing he’s doing?”

“Doesn’t this guy live in Louisiana? Republicans need to quit letting people talk to them this way and then just let them walk among them as if they didn’t say anything. He needs to feel like he might get punched anytime just like he’s advocating for.”

Source: Wayne Dupree