What Donald Trump Just Said Will Drive EVERY Liberal To Their Basement!


Donald Trump just really easily finds a way to worm himself in against the social media that keeps fighting him and nail to silence the greatest president America had.

On his recent released statement, Donald Trump absolutely shreds Biden and his ever-growing list of issues and controversies that drives the media nuts by asking if they miss him yet. Classic old trump, right?

Here’s the statement:

Former President Donald Trump lashed out at the Biden Administration’s handling of Afghanistan’s rising inflation and illegal immigrants on Friday by asking: “Do you miss me yet?”

Catastrophy in Afghanistan made President Joe Biden order a large deployment of American troops to help evacuate US Embassy staff from Kabul amidst the Taliban’s rapid onslaught.

Biden is an absolute joke and Twitter users couldnt agreemore that when in terms of Donald Trump’s presence in Social Media, it’s a lot more better!

Quote: “In spite of his failings he was a lot better than what we have now, and certainly a lot more fun”

“Wasn’t Trump also going to withdraw from Afghanistan?”

“We missed you so much we cannot wait any longer we are waiting for you let us know when you’re going to come back”

“Sorry, Donald. The new guy saved me $0.16 on a single family meal last month.”

We miss the greatest President America has ever had.

Sources: Wayne Dupree, New York Post