What Happened To RINO Brian Kemp Is Absolute KARMA!


One of the state’s biggest Republicans gatherings for a grassroots event happened at the Floyd County Georgia.

T-shirts and signs proclaiming “Trump Won” were there for the taking and “pro-Tump” energy was all over the entire event. Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene was also there and was very welcomed by the crowd.

What people didn’t expect to see was the traitor Brian Kemp who was not welcome by the patriot crowd.

He was met with a smattering of boos — as he took the stage to highlight his support for new elections laws, refusal to enact mask mandates, and his aggressive measures to reopen the state’s economy amid the pandemic. Throughout his remarks, he struggled to be heard over the din.

What was he doing at this kind of event? A traitor like him should keep himself from the eyes of the patriots, but instead, he still has the confidence to show himself.

He might have amnesia and have forgotten what he has done during the election night where he abandoned us and that’s something Trump supporters can’t forget.

So, when Brian took to the stage, the crowd took their revenge and booed the heck outta him.


At this point, every time Kemp steps on a stage, he hets booed off…and that’s exactly how it should be. These RINO traitors should be given no “safe space.”

It’s time for a change.

It’s time for Georgia to evict this traitor and look for another governor that is a pro-Trump, pro-America Fist warrior.

We had enough of these traitors and it’s time for us to start removing them at once!

Georgia patriots just made a good job. Just keep booing we’re at your back and patriots around the county will support you 100 percent at any cost.

Source: WayneDupree