What Happened To The Money BLM Collected Is Horrible!


Leaders in the Minneapolis Black Lives Matter community committed fraud, not long ago someone from the inside of their liftest group spoke out while the camera is rolling.

We are made to believe that BLM will invest the millions they gathered into the community after their own BML Antifa allies destroyed the Minneapolis business community in the famous 2020 riots.

Some BLM leaders said since 2020, no amount of dime has been invested of BLM in their community.

Since May this year, the Antifa-Black Lives Matter riot has damaged all over the cities of America over one billion dollars. An estimated 1,500 buildings or establishments have been destroyed or destruction by the Black Lives Matter riot in Minneapolis alone.

Not long ago this June, over 700 Police officers were wounded in the riots of BLM.

The riots of BLM have brought about the most high-priced property damage in history, in conservatively 91% of the US insurance history.

Henceforth, Black Lives Matter did invest nothing in the communities.

After the death of George Floyd in consequence of a police officer, the members of Minneapolis’s black community narrate the outcome of the damages caused by BLM; millions of dollars made by the organization, no dime having been sent back into the community, and causing to executing gentrification, an operation to take the place of black citizen from their residence by dissolving businesses and driving real estate worth down to pennies on the dollar for developers.

Watch it here: Rumble/Youtube

Source: The Gateway Pundit