What Happened To This Tennis Star After Getting The Vaccine Is Horrifying!


After Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates, many Americans stood up with this tyrannical way of implementing it. It’s a total manipulation in short.

I can not blame this leery citizen for not taking the jab, not only that the so-called ‘experts’ claim it to be effective, but the recent results of new cases are most among the vaccinated people.

Recently, Jeremy Chardy a French professional tennis player who won one ATP Tour singles title took the vaccine shot, but things turned upside down for his career resulting to end his season early.

Jeremy said, “I regret getting vaccinated, I have series of problems now.”

This summer, 34-year-old Chardy decided to get vaccinated and it didn’t work out well for him.

Chardy, now ranked at No. 73 in the world, claims he is unable to train and play. “Since I got my vaccine [between the Olympics and the US Open], I have a problem, I have a series of problems. As a result, I can’t train, I can’t play.

“I prefer to take more time to heal myself and be sure that, in the future, I won’t have any problems, At the moment, my season is stopped and I don’t know when I’ll start again and so now I regret having taken the vaccine, but I couldn’t have known. […] It’s the first time that the idea that next season might be my last has crossed my mind” he said in an interview.

Chardy continued, according to Reuter reports:

“It’s frustrating because I started the year really well. I was playing really well. And then I went to the Games, where I felt great too. And now my season is at a standstill, and I do not know when I will resume. It is especially frustrating that I do not have ten years to play… suddenly, now I regret having had the vaccine, but I could not know [what the consequences would be].”

Chardy feels so badly physically that he isn’t even ruling out retirement at this point.

“I turn 35 in February, so for the moment, I’m maybe a little bit negative, but this is the first time the idea that next season might be my last has crossed my mind,” he explained. “I’m thinking about it… It’s difficult because I was enjoying myself, and I wanted to play longer.”

This comes after former Wimbledon champion Pat Cash said that the COVID-19 vaccine is experimental and that players should not be forced to get them.

Wow, supposedly these vaccines are to protect us, right?

Sources: WayneDupree,  Reuters