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If you’ve ever wondered what your tax dollars really go towards when your state funds public education, then look no further. There’s a good chance that the schools in your community are spending big bucks on the Pacific Educational Group. This little known San Francisco based consulting firm specializes in improving education opportunities for minority students and “is committed to achieving racial equity in education” according their mission statement.

In reality, the organization peddles white privilege based ideologies to public school districts across America. They believe that our schools unfairly favor white students by promoting a white culture, and their business model involves training teachers to cater to minorities. They believe that this white curriculum promotes “individualism” and “hard work” at the expense of minority students who supposedly have aculture of collectivism.

More importantly, the Pacific Educational Group appears to have an ulterior anti-capitalist agenda, and they frequently hire speakers with leftist and Marxist credentials. At least four of the speakers they’ve hired in the past 7 years have been admitted supporters of Bill Ayers.

So how much money does PEG make every year? EAGnews.org recently polled 18 school districts that had hired PEG in the 2014-2015 school year, and found that altogether they paid $1.56 million for their services. The St. Paul, Minnesota school district paid the most at $369,828. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, considering that PEG caters to 183 school districts across the nation.

In other words, a company that preaches white privilege and Marxism to our teachers and students, is probably “earning” tens of millions of your tax dollars every year. A multi-million dollar commie company? Say it ain’t so.

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