What These Disney Employees Said About Vax Mandates Will Make Mickey Faint!


President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate has been a pain in the a*s for many Americans, especially for workers.

Not only regular citizens and GOP Politicians but also Disney Characters as well… I mean, workers are now standing up against it.

In July, The Walt Disney Company announced that it would require its U.S.-based salaried and nonunion hourly workers to be vaccinated.

In Anaheim, only three people showed up to a protest outside Disneyland Resort. None of them were Disney cast members. One woman was the wife of a Disney cast member who did not want to identify herself or her husband for fear of retribution. Within an hour, only one person remained.

“I’m not opposed to the vaccine,” said Lori, who did not want to give her last name. “I’m standing up for those who want to be able to choose what’s right for them. We have to respect people in their place. Some are just not ready [to get the shot].”

On Friday, Walt Disney World cast members plan to march against the company’s recent COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

The organizer says many cast members are worried about what will happen after Saturday’s deadline for getting at least one dose of the vaccine. They reportedly could face being fired if they refuse.

Nick Caturano, the event organizer has said, “We understand that COVID-19 is a very real health concern that we all have to take seriously, but many cast members have a legitimate basis for refusing vaccination.”

Caturano also said that Disney employees are resisting the forced vaccinations for a variety of reasons including health concerns, religious beliefs, natural immunity, and a principled commitment to maintaining control over their own health care.

How many more people will lose their jobs over the unconstitutional vaccine mandate?

God help us.

Source: The Gateway Pundit