What They Just Exposed About New York School’s Sex Ed Program Will Make You Vomit…


Last week, a sex education lesson for high schoolers is drawing heat after parents became privy to a picture showing graphic terms for intercourse the students were allegedly tasked with identifying.

After the school face an intense backlash, a New York school district has no intention of stopping it, instead they defended a sex education lesson that discussed terms such as “professional raw dogger,” “bust one in me,” and “coochie slayer,” according to a photo of the classroom lesson.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, the terms posted to a whiteboard contributed to a lesson plan for a 10th-grade health class. The lesson was reportedly designed to teach students about “the importance of using respectful language” when discussing sex.

The photo of the lewd terms was shared online by Rob Astorino, a Republican New York gubernatorial candidate, and called for a ban on this sort of “criminal sexual content” in schools.

The leaked photo shows part of a lesson plan from earlier this month for Croton-Harmon high school’s 10th-grade health class.

As if Americans didn’t need another reason to get their children out of public schools… Respectful language? These people are sick.

One commenter on his tweet said, “What workplace would allow this??? Let alone in a school??!!’

But another said, “Is everyone on this whole thread pretending that 15 and 16 year olds aren’t already having sex with each other? I mean I know it’s taboo but am I the only one that went to high school here? this is an ice-breaker, asking kids what they’ve heard before moving on with the lesson.”

On Facebook, one commenter said, “This is evil and disgusting! With the way things are it’s bad enough parents are worried about their kids being safe from intruders coming into the schools but who’s gonna keep them safe from the enemies that are on the inside of the school? They don’t allow God in the school but sex is just fine! Wake up people! They are coming for your kids!”

Another commenter spoke directly to the candidate. “Rob have you paid attention to what kids are listening to & watching these days? … This is not the hill you ought to be campaigning against. #NYS need new direction not a thought police.”

In response to the intense criticism, the Croton-Harmon Union Free School District (CHUFSD) is standing behind the lesson. 

“Learning experiences such as this one are important for our students, and we trust our highly trained, dedicated, and passionate professionals in their facilitation of these experiences,” CHUFSD said in a statement.

In nearby New Jersey, similar lessons on sex education and LGBT ideology are becoming commonplace. The state implemented a new bill that allows second graders to learn about gender identity beginning in Fall 2022.

The law mandates that teachers meet different performance expectations, including identifying “trusted adults” in the student’s life that they can “talk to about relationships and ask questions about puberty and adolescent health.”

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