What This Couple Did After Buying This 139 Year Old Water Tower Is Beyond AMAZING


We’ve shown quite a few unique living styles and situations in our time doing this. There were the college kids who turned an old school bus into the ultimate surfing road trip vehicle. There’s also the guy who turned an old cargo van into one of the coolest living quarters you could ever ask for. Unique living situations are becoming more and more common. People are ditching traditional lifestyles in order to pursue their passions and dreams. I personally find this shift in culture something to be celebrated. There are still plenty of people who enjoy having the same place to hang their hat at night. That doesn’t necessarily mean they want a traditional home however. The couple below decided to repurpose an old water tower and turn it into one of the most unusual living spaces you will ever see. I personally love this place, and I think tons of other people will as well!


This old Venetian-style water tower is located in London, England. It doesn’t looks like much from this picture does it?


The tower was built-in 1877 by Fowler and Hill. It was originally part of Lambeth Workhouse and Infirmary (now Lambeth Hospital). It has had official landmark status for some time now.


Leigh Osbourne and Graham Voce bought the building, which stands at 99 feet tall, for $570,000 and have since renovated the entire thing.


This is a view of what the building looks like now. Those are some pretty enormous changes. There is now an entire living area contained inside!


The top of the living space serves as a rooftop patio with some astounding views. You can see the Eye of London and Big Ben from this place!


This is an absolutely perfect area to entertain guests on a warm, relaxing summer night. It’s hard to imagine that this place used to be a water tower.


The inside has been completely transformed into a modern look that almost any young couple is sure to enjoy. The giant windows are a really nice touch.


The house has 360 degree views of London, making it a very sought after spot. The windows also allow a ton of natural light to fill the house.


The living space is actually titled “The Cube.”


The interior is definitely an ultra-modern feel. While it’s not appealing to everyone, there are plenty of people who love this type of feeling inside a home. It even comes with a projector already installed.


All these rooms have a full view of the London skyline. So no matter where you are in the house, you get a taste of its absolute best feature.


This is actually the original York-stone staircase that was originally built with the tower. The tower as has a lift in case you don’t feel like taking these.

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