What This Masked Maniac Did At A School Board Meeting Is Absolutely Sickening!


One of the schools that chooses not to follow the unmask mandate of the judge last week was the Glenbrook South School Board. This is despite the protests and backlash they received from the community and the students.

This also made parents of the students outraged with the school’s decision not to follow the mask lift mandates for students. So, the parents decided to let the school board hear them in order to voice out their displeasure at Monday’s School Board meeting.

However, what they didn’t expect is to receive a craze meltdown from one of the school members despite being completely respectful and even wearing masks in order to have a chance to speak.

While one parent was approaching the podium taking his mask off so he could speak he was stopped by one board member Joel Taub. Taub then began mouthing off at him, which the parent clearly didn’t appreciate.

The man then asked the moderator “Is he [Taub] in charge?”

Before the person who was being asked could respond the said board member then began to parrot him like a 2-year old child while saying “Are you in charge, are you in charge” he parroted multiple times.

Here’s the portion of the heated conversation: 

Parent: “I’m speaking – it’s public comment!” He then turns to the moderator and says “you said at the beginning of the meeting that you would not be rude to people. We should remove him [Taub]. This is rude.”

Moderator: “We will start your two minutes now, sir,”

But, before the man can even gather his thoughts, Taub chimes back in to continue his temper tantrum.

Taub:This is not what you promised. You said that if they don’t wear a mask they can’t speak,”

In response, the parent sarcastically puts the mask over his head and said.

Parent: “I can wear the mask over my head if you want,”

Then this made Taub scream like a complete lunatic.

Taub:You can wear your mask on your f*cking ba*ls. If you don’t wear the f*cking mask then get the f*ck outta here!”

And despite of told by the moderator to stop and even called for a five minutes break, Taub still not done with his meltdown and continued.

Taub: “Get him the f*ck outta the room if he can’t put his f*cking mask on.”

It’s insane to think that people like Taub exist in a place where we think that our children are safe and making decisions over the well-being of school children, is a huge concern for everyone, not just in Glenbrook South School District but also the schools nationwide.

Source: The Gateway Pundit