What This Rap Legend Did Instead Of Getting The Vax PROVES Money Isn’t Everything!


Rapper Ice Cube has been in the talks not because he is slamming other people, but his actions speak louder than his raps.

It was also noted that Ice Cube has never made any public remarks about the COVID-19 vaccines but he was very supportive and encouraged people to wear face masks.

He even raised money for healthcare workers during the pandemic by releasing a line of t-shirts with the slogan, “Check Yo Self Before You Wreck Yo Self,” which featured photos of Ice Cube wearing a face mask.

Recently, he surprisingly quit the movie project that he is set to be a star in “Oh Hell No” alongside Jack Black. The two teamed up on the project in June.

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that the rapper has quit from the set after producers for the movie have asked that all the casts be vaccinated against COVID-19 and the Sony film, directed by Kitao Sakurai, was set to film this winter in Hawaii.

He was set to be paid $9 Million and simply proves that money can’t buy everything.

A joint statement from the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers and Hollywood’s main guilds:

“The modifications center on workplace practices for fully vaccinated cast and crew, including changes to outdoor masking requirements and updated mealtime protocols, Producers will also have the option to implement mandatory vaccination policies for casts and crew in Zone A on a production-by-production basis.”

Ice Cube was also involved in a controversy when he appeared to play a role in helping the Trump administration craft its “Platinum Plan” for the black community, which involved supporting jobs and businesses in the black community, among other things.

He said in a statement previously, “Now, I didn’t talk to Trump. I’ve never met him in my life. So I talked to his people and he made the adjustments in his plan. That’s just the truth. I can come up with some bullshit and lie about what happened. That’s the truth. That’s what happened. And the Democrats still had the opportunity to do the same thing. They have the opportunity to do this and look, I’m not telling anybody who to vote for. I’m not endorsing anybody. I think that’s a decision where people got to make on their own. But this is what happened. And I’m going to go talk to every president until we get this done.”

Simply, Giancarlo Esposito just couldn’t agree and slammed fellow celebrities for refusing to get vaxxed.

He said in a statement, “If you don’t want to vaccinate, go to a small island and sequester yourself, “[Otherwise] you’re saying ‘F*** you to all you other human beings. We all have to do it if we want to live. I don’t understand how people don’t vaccinate.”

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