When Mom Abandoned This Little Boy And His Paralyzed Dad, This 7-Year-Old Did The Unthinkable


Life was decent for the Ou family of the Wanpu village in China’s Guizhou province. Then one day, the father, 37 year old Ou Tongming, fell from a two story building while working his construction job and became paralyzed. Drowned in medical bills and knowing that his husband wouldn’t recover, Tongming’s wife abandoned him and his son and left the family in 2013.

Since that day, however, Tongming’s son, Ou Yanglin, has done everything to take care of his father. Even though Ou Yanglin still attends school every day, he never fails to be there for his dad. Ou Yanglin told Shanghiist,

“I could not live without my dad.”


Yanglin will wake up at 6am every day to prepare breakfast for his dad. He’ll head to school, but will come back around lunchtime in order to feed his father lunch.


Yanglin has taught himself how to shop and even prepare meals in order to take care of his dad.


Yanglin’s neighbors have taken notice. Most of his neighbors are so moved by his compassion that they’ll try to help financially whenever they can. Although Yanglin struggles to make ends meet, nothing will stop him from taking care of the father he loves.



Often times we hear about the concept of unconditional love, but it’s hard to put into words. I hope that the story of Yanglin and his father serves as a testament that unconditional love isn’t some fabricated idea. Although incomprehensible at times, it exists. Thank you Yanglin for showing us.


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