When They Adopted This Dog He Weighed 90 Pounds, What He Looks Like Now Is…


In Arizona, there lived a morbidly obese beagle named Wolfgang, who weighed an alarming ninety pounds. The poor creature was confined to a kill shelter when fate intervened in the form of a compassionate couple, Chad Schatz and Erin McManis, both forty years old.

The duo, both practicing lawyers, rescued Wolfgang from the Arizona Beagle Rescue in May 2019 and embarked on an incredible journey to improve his health.

Determined to help their newfound friend, Chad and Erin developed a strict diet and exercise regimen for Wolfgang. For three years, they meticulously followed this program, which included walks on a doggie treadmill and outdoor strolls.

Their unwavering commitment bore fruit as Wolfgang shed over sixty pounds, reaching a much healthier weight of twenty-seven pounds.

To commemorate National Pet Obesity Awareness Day, the couple shared a touching video of Wolfgang’s weight loss odyssey. It began with the hefty beagle weighing ninety pounds and concluded with him gleefully dashing around their yard at his new, trimmer weight.

Chad and Erin expressed their gratitude for the support they received on this journey and shared their message from Wolfgang’s perspective on their Instagram page, Obese_Beagle.

“My parents told me I was cute from the moment they picked me up at the shelter (even when they struggled to get me in their car). They said I was so unique that I was a unicorn,” they wrote. The heartwarming video garnered nearly four million views at the time of this writing.

Chad and Erin also took the opportunity to address the misconception that obese dogs are “cute.” They emphasized that extreme obesity in dogs is far from adorable and is often a sign of “neglect or abuse.”

The couple further explained the health risks associated with excess weight in dogs, such as added stress on their joints, and encouraged small, consistent steps to achieve significant results in improving a dog’s health.

WATCH the video below for more details:

Source: AWM