Why A Muslim KFC Worker Tried To Attack A Customer Is Absolutely Insane…


Non-Muslims need to adjust every time there is a Muslim around. This principle is always and everywhere the same: in Muslim countries, non-Muslims should change their behavior to conform to Muslim sensibilities.

And in non-Muslim countries, non-Muslims should change their behavior to conform to Muslim sensibilities. If you’re a non-Muslim in Punchbowl and want bacon on your KFC sandwich, you’re out of luck. The Muslims eschew bacon, and so should you.

Photo Credit: Samueldeeb

The violent outburst happened at a KFC in Punchbowl on December 26, allegedly after a customer became angry after being refused bacon on their burger.

The outlet, being Halal friendly, means that it doesn’t serve bacon or pork, which the customer was unaware of.

The Punchbowl restaurant does not serve bacon or pork in accordance with Islamic law, and one employee can be heard saying “we don’t have bacon” before the other begins yelling.

“Don’t record me bitch!” he screams as he approaches the counter. “Don’t f—ing record me!”
The Muslim employee continues to yell and smacks the cash register display on its side before other workers grab him and lead him outside.
“I’m gonna f—in break your head bro,” he says to the person filming as he is led around the corner out of sight.
Photo Credit: Samueldeeb
A spokesman for KFC Australia said that the employee had been suspended over the incident and offered counseling.
“KFC Australia strongly condemns the behavior of the team member who appears in the clip and sincerely apologizes for this very inappropriate reaction,” the spokesman said.
But the spokesman also said the employee may have been harassed by the customer before his meltdown.
“As part of our continuing investigation, KFC has been offered statements from other customers who were in the store at the time,” the spokesman said.
“These statements indicate a customer had directed offensive language and became abusive towards the team member when the customer’s preferred selection was not available at that store.”

You can watch the video of the KFC Muslim employee exploding in a fit of rage at the customer below. Warning: The clip contains foul language.

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