Why Did One Of Biden’s Top Aides Just DELETE 40k Tweets?


Surprisingly, Joe Biden’s new staffer deleted tens of thousands of her tweets since November 2020.

On Monday, Left-wing CNN analyst Susan Hennessey announced that she would be joining Biden’s DOJ as part of the agency’s National Security Division. It’s another example of the liberal network serving as a pipeline to the Biden administration.

Hennessey wrote on Twitter:

“I’m very honored to be joining the extraordinary team at the Department of Justice in the National Security Division,”.  Thank you for all the kind words.”

In previous months/year, Hennessey made controversial tweets, including some pushing unproven allegations of Russian collusion. She eventually scrubbed her Twitter account with these unproven allegations towards Trump.

It was known that Hennessey has been deleting tweets since it became apparent Biden would become the next president, dropping from over 39,000 tweets on Nov. 16 to less than 6,000 tweets on Nov. 29.

Hennessey’s tweet count went back up in late January to almost 8,000 tweets, but her tweet count went down again to less than 2,300 tweets in late February.

According to Social Blade, a total of 1,867 tweets have been deleted from Hennessy’s account over the last 30 days, taking her down to less than 250 tweets on Monday.

Hennessey, a Brookings Fellow in National Security Law, worked an attorney in the Office of General Counsel of the National Security Agency, according to Lawfare. She is a graduate of Harvard Law School and the University of California, Los Angeles.

In 2019 she tweeted in defense of Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s memorable 2019 interview in which he said on-air that parents should be allowed to consult with doctors for a “third-trimester” abortion after an infant is born alive if it is “non-viable” or might suffer from “deformities.”

“Northam is clear in his comments that he is discussing a situation in which an infant is born but unable to survive and parents and physicians together decide whether to continue or remove life-preserving efforts,” Hennessey wrote in 2019. “Which is not at all what the right is claiming he said.”

Additionally, Hennessey asked her Twitter followers last year what “concrete step” they would take to ensure that Trump was not reelected president in the 2020 election and attacked journalist Molly Hemingway in a lengthy Twitter rant after she called Hennessey out for promoting allegations of Russia collusion.

“Mollie, there was no Russia collusion hoax,” Hennessey claimed. “The IG found a properly predicated investigation.”

“Mueller found a systematic plot by Russia to interfere in the US election, and that the president was aware of and sought to benefit from Russias’ assistance while lying to the public,” she continued in the first of many tweets.

“I recognize that’s inconvenient for you. I recognize that you think if you yell and wave your hands and lie enough times people will believe you. Maybe some people will. But it won’t change the facts of what occurred,” Hennessey also wrote.

Hennessey tweeted several times about the Russia probe. Among her tweets was a dismissal of the 2018 Republican memo casting aspersions on surveillance abuses by the Justice Department. Another tweet from June 2017 asserted a “concrete allegation of Trump team collusion.”

The former CNN legal analyst also attacked Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch for promoting his book on Fox & Friends and falsely claimed that he didn’t do interviews with other news networks, saying it was a “bad look.”

Her memory-holed tweets included a widely panned one blaming the United States in part for Iran shooting down a Ukrainian passenger plane in 2020. Also gone are comments on the sprawling Russia probe, including a dismissal of the 2018 Republican memo casting aspersions on surveillance warrant abuses by the Justice Department.

Hennessey also claimed in November of last year that former Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao pulled strings to “personally enrich” herself, her husband then-Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and their family.

“In return Chao has used her government position to funnel money and grant special access to her husband’s constituents and cronies, and to personally enrich her family!” Hennessey wrote. “Give and take is so important in a healthy marriage.”

Journalist Glenn Greenwald called out Hennessey for deleting her tweets, which Hennessey’s fellow Brookings Institution member Benjamin Wittes claimed were on auto-delete.

“Because [Hennessey] was one of the most deranged Russiagate conspiracists of the last 4 years, she wisely deleted all her of tweets at some point before this announcement. But you can still read her attempt to elevate the Steele Dossier here,” Greenwald wrote, linking out to a previous piece by Hennessey on the debunked Steele dossier.

“Hennessey is a perfect exhibit for the authoritarian ethos of the liberal #Resistance since 2016,” continued Greenwald. “That an ex *NSA lawyer* and Brookings security state loyalist became a beloved liberal pundit, now catapulting to DOJ’s national security unit, says it all.”

Fox News sent a request for comment about these allegations but The Department of Justice did not immediately respond.

Source: Fox News