Why Is Pelosi Allowing LIQUOR DELIVERIES To Congress On Your Dime?


The House of Representatives now has its very own House Liquor Store (aka the Pelosi bar).

In yet another of the many perks of being an elected official in Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives, lawmakers are now able to order beer, wine, and liquor for delivery to their offices on Capitol Hill, a service that will likely be heavily used by congressional lushes.

This is another outrageous headline from Democrats in the midst of shortages we are experiencing right now. Letting them stay longer in power will make our current situation even worst, these Democrats acting like elites and totally out of touch.

The new service is available through the House’s caterer Sodexo which also operates cafeterias in the Capitol Hill complex housing the privileged and pampered members of America’s political elite and could provide essential relief during late-night legislative sessions.

Intrepid Fox News reporter Chad Pergram who covers Congress was the first to break the news, taking to Twitter on Friday to inform Americans that their representatives have taken measures to ensure that they won’t go thirsty during their long and tiresome workdays.

Here’s what The Daily Wire reported:

Members of the House of Representatives may now order beer, wine, and spirits and have them delivered directly to their offices, a new development that could help lubricate those late-night budget negotiations. The perk is courtesy of Capitol Hill’s new caterer, hospitality services giant Sodexo, and was first reported by Fox News Channel’s Chad Pergram.

WLT commented further:

Despite minor annoyances vying for their attention like increased fuel costs and the threat of violence against Supreme Court Justices, its good lawmakers are able to figure out ways to improve the quality of their own lives. After all, isn’t leading all about enjoyment?

How are these lawmakers going to pay for all this booze? Turns out we are. In a surprise kicker, the rules regarding this new perk allow for them to use taxpayer funds and campaign funds.

Now, check out the sign! They get discounts for buying in bulk:

Here’s a glimpse into how much the going rate of booze is at the Capitol building:

A “Drinks on Demand” page on Sodexo’s House of Representatives site offers “bulk orders” for drinks “by the case.” Spirits brands such as Tito’s vodka, Jack Daniels whiskey, Johnnie Walker scotch and more are available for prices ranging from $16 to $35 per bottle. Beer, which can only be purchased by the case, ranges from $25 for a 24-pack of Busch for the thrifty lawmaker to $50 for a case of Red Bear 51st State Hazy IPA.

That’s just for the cheap stuff. Let’s get into the more refined genre of wine.

But when it comes to wine, the possibilities surge. Various brands in each category of Cabernet, Chardonnay, Malbec, Merlot, Rose, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio, and Riesling for lawmakers out of touch with their beer-and-a-shot, working-class constituents. But to be fair, the most expensive wine on the menu is just $25 a bottle, and lawmakers can be content to sip Crane Lake Pinot Grigio for just $10 a bottle.

I imagine this is something that Nancy Pelosi and her fellow lawmakers wanted to keep under wraps. But with news getting out, people are expressing their frustration and also their curiosity regarding just how much their reps are consuming.

Of course, amongst all the outrage and calls for accountability, there is humor. After all, to expect anything less from lawmakers is foolish. Besides, it’s fun to poke fun at the drinking habits of the entitled elected elite. Here are some of the greatest hits so far:

Additionally, House staffers who were just given a pay increase will also reportedly receive free Peloton memberships on behalf of Pelosi and taxpayers.

The House liquor service takes Democrats and their leaders being drunk on power to an entirely new level but Ted Kennedy would definitely approve.

Sources: WLT, Daily Wire