WikiLeaks Founder Exposes Dark Truth About Hillary’s Criminal Investigation, Sends Letter to Obama Admin

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If there is one thing that’s very clear by now about Democrats it’s that they are fond supporters of “selective outrage”.

They will lose their minds over something if the outrage furthers their agenda, but then, they will turn around and completely ignore the exact same thing if it doesn’t benefit them politically.

For example.

Hillary email scandal? No big deal.

Prosecuting Julian Assange? Top priority.

Check out what Assange had to say about it.

From Western Journalism:

“Our D.C. lawyers are delivering a letter tomorrow to Attorney General Loretta Lynch asking her to explain why it is that the now six-year-long national security and criminal investigation being run by the DOJ against WikiLeaks, the reason I have political asylum, has not been closed,” Assange told CNN Monday.

Assange said that in the context of how the Department of Justice investigated and never reprimanded Clinton, he is only seeking fairness.

Assange said that department’s “actions seem to be setting a new standard by closing the Hillary Clinton case,” Assange said. “The Hillary Clinton case has only gone for one year.”

He noted that there appear to be different standards used for the two cases.

“Hillary Clinton’s case has been dropped, the WikiLeaks case continues. … So why is it that the quote, ‘pending law enforcement proceedings’ against WikiLeaks continue?” he said.

Makes you think doesn’t it?

We will have to wait and see what comes from this letter that Assange is planning to have delivered to the Obama administration.

He does have a pretty decent point.

The Justice Department made it clear that the rules don’t matter when they completely botched the Clinton case over nothing more than partisanship.

All credibility is lost.

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