WikiLeaks Strikes Again, Exposes What Hillary Really Thinks About Bill’s Rapes


Today WikiLeaks released the eighth batch of Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails.

While rifling through the numerous cables, here’s something that stood out.

Discussing the subject of rape, Hillary believes every person is to be believed “at first until they are disbelieved based on evidence.”

Makes complete sense.

However, why has Hillary yet to believe Juanita Broaddrick?

Why has she silenced her?

From Zero Hedge:

One of the first email chains just released is a follow up to what we think is one of the key stories so far, namely the disappearance of the 16th Sid Blumenthal email, as per the thread “Proposed response to upcoming State Dept disclosure on Sid emails.” This is an issue discussed yesterday in our post “Where Is Sidney Blumenthal’s 16th “Missing” Email?” which we urge everyone to read.

Another email chain between Clinton campaign staffers Josh Schwerin and Jennifer Epstein brings attention to a tweet by Bloomberg politics correspondent Jennifer Epstein who notes in December 2015 that Hillary Clinton was “asked if she believes people who claim rape like Juanita Broderick and Kathleen Willey…” to which she then tweets that “HRC on rape claims against WJC:l: “I would say that everybody should be believed at first until they are disbelieved based on evidence.”

We’re assuming WJC stands for William (Bill) Jefferson Clinton.

But you see that Hillary is saying Juanita is to be believed, right?

Quick, alert the press!

What about all the other women who have claimed they were assaulted by husband Bill?

Why were they silenced and threatened?

Is a rape victim only to be believed if that person is accusing a Republican candidate for office?

Why the double standard?

So many questions, so little time.

Unfortunately, we will never get our answer because the media is an extension of the Democrat party.


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