President Joe Biden jokes about which reporter to call on for a question as he speaks about the bipartisan infrastructure bill in the State Dinning Room of the White House, Saturday, Nov. 6, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

WOW! CNN Just Threw Biden Under The Bus For His Tantrum…..


We know from the start Joe Biden is a failure, he’s done more damage than the COVID virus itself. He’s just proving to us how incompetent and weak his puppet leadership is.

I mean, the worst enemy of Joe Biden is his own self. He’s the reason that his approval numbers are in the toilet. From his shaky brain to his nasty disposition.

It’s all HIS fault. This man can’t control his emotions and he doesn’t care who sees or hears him lose control.

Just like what happened to Fox News reporter Peter Doocy, whenever Biden feels threatened he goes wild and has some tantrum. He called Doocy a “son of a bitch,” after Doocy asked him a tough question on inflation, it just further proves he’s out of his element.

Watch the video below:

Sophie O’Hara of Wayne Dupree noted:

Now, many people reporting on the Doocy incident are claiming Joe was caught on a “hot mic.”

I disagree. When I watch that, I don’t think Biden was “caught on a hot mic.” That’s a cop-out. He was standing in front of a mic, for crying out loud.

He knew everyone could hear him. And that’s exactly what CNN’s Jake Tapper is saying. He and CNN White House correspondent Kaitlin Collins both agree that Joe Biden knew exactly that he was mic’d up when he said that about Peter.

I mean, he’d really have to be on his last brain cell to not realize that, since he was JUST talking on the microphone seconds before he called Doocy and “SOB,” and the microphone is right in front of his face.

So obviously he knew, but he just doesn’t care.

Source: WayneDupree