WOW! Doocy Just Took Biden’s Gatekeeper And Ripped Her A New One…


Biden’s contribution to America is unending chaos. Every action he makes puts America into shame globally.

We just like to remind Biden, that there is no shame in going down from your throne if you feel you can’t handle the presidential duty. Give it to a more qualified person…

Just like his press secretary Jen Psaki who continues to sugar coat Biden’s failure, continues to spin the reality that America is at great risk with Biden.

But thanks to this brave reporter, Peter Doocy who’s not afraid to voice out what the majority of Americans really think. Thanks for making Jen Psaki’s life a living hell.

Wayne Dupree slammed Jen Psaki’s lame answer to Peter Doocy’s questions:

And this latest tough question involves Biden and those absurd sanctions he came up with… The ones that would take 30 days to kick in and feel the impact. Of course, “Spin Doctor” Jen Psaki waved her wand and dismissed concerns over those stupid sanctions because she claims Bumbling Joe “rallied the world.”

Right, this man can’t even eat breakfast without help…

But that wasn’t sitting well with Fox News reporter Peter Doocy, so he decided to confront Jen over the botched steps Joe and his Handlers have taken to supposedly “stop” Putin from taking over Ukraine.

Peter talked about how China declined to help leading up to the invasion and then he hit Jen right where it hurts…

“PETER DOOCY: “[Biden] says the sanctions are gonna take…about a month. Do you guys think the people in Ukraine have about a month?”

PSAKI, condescendingly: “Peter, let me just take a step back and explain to everyone how diplomacy works.”

You can watch the video below:

Nothing beats Peter when it comes to tough questions, the only decent reporter out there. Without Mr. Doocy around, we’d be getting daily reports on what color lip gloss Jen is wearing and how her last kickboxing class went.

Source: WayneDupree