WOW! EX NAACP Leader Has Just Ripped Lying Liberals To Pieces!


Democrats’ divisive rhetoric demonizing all white people as oppressors and marginalizing all black people as victims were slammed by a black Republican and former NAACP’s Columbus chapter president.

On Thursday, Edmonds told Fox News host Tucker Carlson, “Caucasians are not villains and they’re not oppressors. And brown-skinned people are not victims and we’re not oppressed.” 

An ordained minister and congressional candidate in Ohio, Ruth Edmonds said that the left’s race-hustling narrative encourages a grievance-mongering mentality that ignores the key principles of self-actualization, such as hard work and personal responsibility.

Edmonds is a self-professed patriot who unabashedly “loves the United States.”

Black aren’t helpless victims people who cannot rise above their circumstances because of “white oppression,” as she debunked and disproves the left-wing myth with her own real life story.

In her early age, her grandmother taught Edmonds to take responsibility for her own life and not blame other people when navigating obstacles. She was born and raised in Baltimore.

“I’m from the inner city of Baltimore, Maryland, raised by my grandmother, who only had a fourth-grade education,” she recounted.

“And yet he taught me the principles and values and ethics of hard work and perseverance and, you know, faith in God and taking advantage of opportunities when they come and not allowing barriers to be excuses. So, yes, I can say that brown-skinned people are not victims. Because we’re not.”

When Carlson asked if her Christian faith informs her empowering, uplifting worldview, Edmonds said it does.

“I make no excuses for having a biblical worldview, and I absolutely believe that this country was founded on a biblical worldview, you know, endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights. Among them are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” she said, quoting from the preamble to the Declaration of Independence. “Absolutely.”

Edmonds said she is appalled by the left’s nonstop attacks on the United States and urged all patriots to push back against this divisive campaign to destroy the country.

“It is terrible how there’s an evil attack by the left to tear up who our country is, what our country is, and how we were founded,” she said.

“And we have to stand up and speak out against it at every opportunity that we can. We have to defend this great nation.”

Edmonds said she joined the NAACP in the late 1980s, when it was under the leadership of Benjamin Hooks.

It was then that she realized her own values aligned with the GOP and not with the Democrat Party, which patronizes and disempowers black people by telling them they’re helpless victims who must always depend on the government.

While the NAACP was once a legitimate civil rights organization, it has since devolved into a race-grievance grift. Carlson said if more people at the NAACP were like Edmonds, he’d gladly donate money to support them.

On her website, the mom of two daughters said she’s a proud supporter of former President Donald Trump. She’s married to a former police officer who’s currently a high school science teacher.

“I’m running for Congress to end the left’s lie that all white people are villains and all brown people are victims,” Edmonds said on her website. “We are one country.”

Edmonds joins a growing movement of black Americans who are rejecting the left’s frivolous weaponization of the race card to gain and maintain power.

Despite the best efforts of Democrats and their media puppets to gaslight the public, millions of Americans see through their shameless scam to divide people by race.

Watch it here: Ruth Edmonds For Congress/Youtube

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