WOW!: Never Before Seen Footage Of Elvis Presley You Don’t Want To Miss


The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Pearl Jam – none of these rock bands would be where they are today without the King. Elvis Presley may not be with us anymore (or is he?), but he keeps making headlines.

As one of the most influential rockers of all time, Elvis Presley was a national sensation by 1956. He’s sold over 250 million records and had no less than 148 singles on Billboard’s Hot 100 Pop Chart in America, including 18 number one hits. Taking the country by storm with his swinging jams, slick dance moves, and fly jackets, everybody wanted a piece of The King. Recently, rare footage of the rocker was undercovered. At the height of his career, Paramount Pictures offered to fly Elvis from his Memphis abode to California for a screen test. Screen test footage is usually kept private, making this an especially nice treat.

Watch Elvis jam out to his hit song, “Blue Suede Shoes.” Despite using a stringless prop guitar, Elvis still shreds as if he’s in front of thousands of screaming fans. His rocking performance certainly impressed Paramount, who swiftly offered the musician a three picture deal.

Take a stroll down memory lane with musical nostalgia. Keep on rocking, Elvis.

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