WOW! This Business Owner Just Singlehandedly Fended Off These Sickening Thugs…[VIDEO]


On Friday, one California jewelry owner defended his small business after a smash-and-grab robbery group attempted to steal from his store.

The surveillance video shows how a person runs into Maaz Jewelers at Tanforan Mall in San Bruno, and takes a crow bar to the display case.

Some small business owners in the state have had enough and have taken to defending their own businesses as left-wing prosecutors go ‘soft on crime’.

According to The Daily Mail report:

“This is the moment a jewelry store owner in California takes the law into his own hands and defends his store from being robbed by armed thieves smashing up the displays.

It comes in the wake of shocking spike in smash and grab robberies across shoplifters’ paradise California after soft policies of progressives including Los Angeles County DA George Gascón.

It’s at least the third robbery attempt reported this month in the Bay Area alone, including theft attempts from a gang of hammer-wielding thugs who swiped upward of $110,000 in jewelry from a mall and a group of thieves, two of whom didn’t even bother covering their faces, who filled trash bags with cosmetics at an Ulta Beauty salon.

Amazing surveillance footage shows Usman Bhatti, owner of Maaz Jewelers in Tanofran Mall in San Bruno, California, shove away a suspect who ran into his store and began breaking the display case.

In the clip Bhatti, quickly and instinctively, can then be seen pulling out a gun and scaring the culprit and five other suspects who fled the scene, away.

In an interview with Fox News the store owner Usman Bhatti said:

“I’m not trying to be a hero or a macho man. It just happened very quick and I had no choice.”

Bhatti, who has a concealed carry permit, drew his gun after one of the men cracked a display case and then threatened him with a crowbar, according to police.

After he pointed the firearm toward the would-be robber and yelled at him to stop, the crowbar-wielding suspect fled toward the food court, authorities said.

Another male suspect whipped out his own gun and aimed it at Bhatti, police added.

San Bruno Police officers responded to an attempted robbery of a jewelry store around 1.06 pm.

All five suspects fled away from the store. No one was injured and no weapons were used in the incident.”

Watch it here: Hot Viral News/Youtube

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