WTF: Pregnant Woman Makes HORRIFIC Video Of Herself Hitting Her UNBORN Baby Repeatedly With A Hammer..Then Puts It On Youtube

Viral WTF

A video has been going viral on the internet of a pregnant woman trying to murder her baby by hitting herself repeatedly in the stomach and then putting it on Youtube. Here is the video:

This video is a disgusting example of human sacrifice, and encapsulates what is wrong with the formerly Christian world today.

As I wrote recently, the problem with the West is our obsession with murdering our own children. We think infanticide is a “right” provided it is done in a culturally appropriate way, and that way is human sacrifice through abortion and obstructing the transmission of life through contraception.

Frankly, I get tired hearing the constant complaints about how “Islam is taking over the West” when the fact is that over 95% of all Christians regardless of denomination are using artificial birth control and while the numbers are lower, many even still support abortion thought Christian teaching is very clear that abortion is murder. These same “Christians” are also known to sterilize themselves such as either having (for women) their “tubes tied” or (for men) obtaining a vasectomy. Now while there are many Muslim who do procure abortions and sterilize themselves, or even have smaller families, the fact remains that on average, these Muslim people are having larger families than “Christian” families are.

The Muslims are NOT taking over the West- rather, the West is giving its civilization and the remainder of its people to the Muslims because the people of the West obstinately refuse to do the most basic task that any living species is supposed to do, and that is reproduce. God Himself said in the Bible “be fruitful and multiply,” and being that Christians are supposed to be God’s people, they are supposed to multiply. However, as Jesus himself also said:

You are the salt of the earth, but if salt loses its taste, what good is it for? It is to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.

To this there are also the words of the Magnificant from Luke 1:

He has mercy on those who fear Him in every generation.

The West is dying because they have rejected God obstinately and so God is giving them what they wanted. Make no mistake, this is not God’s fault, but man’s fault. In fact, one might say that God is being very generous by granting them their request.

It is wrong to despair, since there is always hope that the sinner will convert. It is also wrong to stop opposing Islam and to allow the West to just collapse completely on itself, since that would be submitting to evil. However, the current state of Western society cannot continue as it has, where women such as the one in the video commit and take pride in murdering their unborn children and go both unpunished as well as lauded. Western society does have a choice before it, and that choice is very simple- return to the Faith which bore it and purge the evil from within itself and within its midst, or complete its apostasy and die an eternal death under the enslaving yoke of Islam.

And may I remind you, that such a mortal choice begins with you- what you believe, how you live what you believe, and the children that you raise.

PS: It is not just this woman. There are many other doing the same or similar things in the USA. This is why our society is dying.


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