YIKES! Hillary Clinton Gives a Bizarre Interview about Roger Stone, Says “Russia Has Succeeded”

Hillary Clinton is back up to her old tricks again. She recently gave an interview, and rather than admit what went wrong in her campaign and how she could have done better, she just seems to be coming up with one bizarre excuse after the other. During this interview, she offered her thoughts on just why it was that Donald Trump commuted Roger Stone’s prison sentence. I’ll save you the trouble and summarize it for you: in short, Hillary thinks that the only reason Trump commuted Roger Stone’s sentence is because he wants the flamboyant Republican strategist to keep quiet about Trump’s alleged deal with the Russians to help him win the 2016 U.S. presidential election.
Clinton spoke to MSNBC anchor Joy Reid and basically implied that President Trump did some backroom dealing and arranged for Roger Stone’s prison sentence to end so that “Stone would essentially keep his mouth shut and not spill any of the beans regarding what actually happened during the 2016 election and what President Trump actually knew about his election as president.”
“This is just a continuation of that Russian cover-up,” Clinton said, which was implying that she thinks there is still evidence that the Trump campaign collaborated with crooked Russian diplomats to influence the American election and get Trump into office instead of her.
Of course, even though Clinton steadfastly believes that the only reason that Trump won was because of Russian interference, Special Counsel Robert Mueller undertook a thorough investigation for over two years and concluded that the evidence for active collaboration between the Trump campaign and Russian officials simply wasn’t there. He did note that there were some Russian hackers that tried to troll social media and he also noted that Russian officials did offer to help Trump’s team. However, Mueller did note that it was strongly apparent that the Trump campaign ignored these offers.
Stone and Trump’s former national security advisor Michael Flynn were both charged with lying under oath to investigators. Flynn lied to the FBI and Stone lied to Congress. Moreover, they also charged Roger Stone with witness tampering. However, neither one of these men was charged with election subversion or espionage.
I suppose that Clinton can point the finger at whomever she likes, but she probably should look in the mirror if she wants to see who is really at fault for losing the 2016 election. She ignored swing states such as Michigan and Wisconsin because her internal polling showed an easy Democrat victory. However, there was evidence that pointed to these states being in play, and Trump did not take them for granted like Hillary did. Clinton would go on to lose both states, the electoral college, and the election.
If you ask Hillary, though, she will tell you that Russia was successful in altering the 2016 election. She will also say that Russian officials are trying to do it once more for the 2020 election.
“Russia succeeded, and that’s very clear,” she told MSNBC. “Russia believes that they pulled it off and were able to influence the minds of Americans and get them to change their votes. Why would they consider stopping? They want to pursue this agenda of dividing us.” Oh brother, Hillary. Look at your own party before mentioning the “d” word. Come on!
Clinton wasn’t content to just stop at just propagating conspiracies about election tampering, but she also discussed the evidence that Russia offered some bounties to the Taliban in order to kill some of the American troops in Afghanistan. The Trump administration and the president himself has repeatedly denied this.
“He may be president of the United States,” Hillary Clinton sneered, “But he has yet to tell us anything about the bounties on our troops.”
Of course, Clinton’s allegations were mocked by many members of the Republican party, as well they should be.