Young Girls Are Treated By “Islamic” Nurse – Parents HORRIFIED At What Was Left Up Their Skirts…

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Two girls, ages 10 and 19, received a typical medical procedure from a Muslim nurse and the parents thought it would be an in and out smooth procedure. When the surgery finished, the families were horrified by what was literally left under their daughters’ skirts.

From Mad World News:

In Sierra Leone, an Islamic country with a 71-percent Muslim population, the most backward and sinister Islamic practices go widely ignored by the world. With the gruesome and shocking deaths of 2 young girls, hopefully, the Western world will wake up to this barbaric ideology and condemn its misogynistic observances.

The Huffington Post reports that a 19-year-old girl died a brutal and painful death at the hands of a ritual nurse in Mabolleh on Thursday, just days after a 10-year-old girl perished in the exact same manner. Fatmata Turay was killed after an Islamic secret society run by women botched her female genital mutilation surgery.

Turay was 19 when her family brought her for what liberals often trivially refer to as a “religious rite of passage,” having suffered a horrifically botched procedure intended to remove her clitoris and/or labia and sew up her external genitalia in a manner that prevents females from experiencing sexual pleasure. This dangerous and inhumane surgery sometimes results in death and almost always leaves the victim with physical and emotional scars that can often make sexual intercourse painful.

Since Turay’s death, the 3 women involved in her surgery, including her aunt, have been arrested.

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