YouTube Caught Censoring True Patriot Tucker Carlson!


After seeing the video below, it’s difficult to believe there’s a warning when there’s so much violent content out there that SHOULD be labeled “offensive” or “inappropriate.” Is it because Carlson is telling the truth about what’s going on in Atlanta’s “Buckhead” neighborhood? When Tucker Carlson monologue is accompanied by a warning label, you know we’ve crossed the border into North Korea.

The people of Buckhead, Atlanta, want to secede from the city and establish their own police force, according to Carlson’s monologue from last night. Carlson presents case after example of how crime has increased in their neighborhood.

Carlson’s shows a couple being attacked is the only portion of the video that may be considered offensive. The issue is that such attacks are frequently broadcast on television.


What is the reason for the label on the video?

The strongest incentive in the Buckhead cityhood movement is fear. The recent tragedies have pushed that effort into overdrive. The Fear of crime is driving the move to establish Buckhead as a city.

In broad daylight, a homeless man attempts to rape a teacher. A psychotic gunman goes on a shooting rampage. At the Intercontinental Hotel, a man was slain. Bystanders opened fire outside of Home Depot.

A fundraiser by vocation, come across in staccato waves like he’s trying to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge — in a hurry. Bill White, a New Yorker until three years ago, cites: robberies, carjacking, and shootings, saying that ladies no longer feel comfortable pumping gas and that locals are unsure whether or not to go for a walk.

This video has been flagged by YouTube as being inappropriate or offensive to certain viewers. That audience, I’m presuming, is made up of folks who can’t handle the truth, i.e. Democrats.

“Inappropriate and Offensive” also known as “points to truth and facts about how much democrats suck”

When are the sheep going to wake up and realize that their shepherds themselves do not believe in the race baiting agenda they are pushing?

The Left is spreading cancer, killing America.

The reason for the label is obvious. Carlson’s piece exposes the hypocrisy of the communist elites.

Watch it here: Youtube/Fox news