4.7 Million Voters Just Signed A Petition For The Electoral College To Change Votes From Trump To Hillary….Could It Happen?

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Enough of your crying already! Apparently, Hillary voters don’t believe that our election system works well, simply because their candidate didn’t win. Had Trump won, the electoral college would be PRAISED. Liberals, your petition is full of the same people who voted for Hillary, therefore there is not enough of you to win the country.

We see your efforts, but this country bleeds red. Time to accept it, folks.

VIA| In a world where participation trophies abound and winning is shunned as unimportant, this is to be expected. These folks who signed this petition are exactly the reason we have a Representative Republic instead of a popular vote driven democracy.

They are ignorant of the law and unable to understand why we have an Electoral College. And we do not want folks like this determining our next President. For an idea of the political chaos created by popular vote, take a look at numerous European nations which are in steep decline and constant political upheaval. Popular vote is nothing more than mob rule. And the mob isn’t very informed.

Whatever the whim of the moment for the majority of voters is what we get when we have a popular vote. But in our most excellent and time tested system of elections, we have 50 states that hold individual elections (using popular vote by the way). And in each state, with a couple of exceptions for states that split their electors, whoever wins the most votes gets that state’s electoral votes.

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Now, Hillary sycophants, get over it and go back to history class to learn how it works. And stop wasting our time with sore loser petitions.

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0 thoughts on “4.7 Million Voters Just Signed A Petition For The Electoral College To Change Votes From Trump To Hillary….Could It Happen?

  1. All you stupid a**. Are so afraid Trump is going to do something good for this country, it’s a crying shame that we have people like you, that are crooked, dishonest, I wont name the rest, Trump won, so be smart & leave alone.

  2. Jill stein is a terrorist who is trying to cheat our President Trump out of office, you are trash jill stein

  3. Maybe if Bill Clinton (wiki leaks) hadn’t dropped civics in schools to dummy down our kids, then these Clinton droolers would see that Trump won, regardless of all the illegals railed, bussed and flown in to permit her the win of the popular vote.

  4. Get over it left-winged liberal Dumb o craps, you lost the election by 18.5 million votes,all fraudulent votes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Good post Bill! As a detector hobbyist for 30+ years now, I can sure attest to NOT finding “riches” right away, unless you count the the friends , the fun, the experiences (on land and in the water)the insights into our young country’s history and the vistas viewed along the route as being..well.. &#;h&08ric2es2#8221;! Thanks for posting your views and continued HH out there,now that spring seems to have arrived in S. Ont.

  6. Exactly. How long were the 4 Aristotelian elements settled science? Newtonian Physics? The earth-centered solar system? Didn't make them right.This goes for most of science too. A lot of our physical laws are as driven by the math we used to derive them as by the phenomenon itself.

  7. Är det någon som vet om han Ängelholmaren som var högermittfältare är helt avskriven? Jag har för mig att han hette Salomonsson. Såg honom när de mötte Qviding förra året och han verkade ju besitta kvaliter.

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