This woman slept with a python every night. When it stopped eating, the vet told her something DISTURBING!!!


We all love our pets, don’t we? Dogs? They make wonderful pets with their unconditional love. Cats? Cats too are loved by many, although cats are more independent than dogs. Pigs, you’ll be surprised make lovely pets and many people do have pigs. What would you say to a large python??? Sounds good? Maybe not to you but this woman slept with a python every night. The large full grown python was her pet.

As a snake lover, should you really allow such close proximity with an unconventional pet? Well she did and while she thought it was as loving as it could be, the loving python had other ideas up its sleeve.

Why Did This Woman’s Pet Python Suddenly Stop Eating?

While animal lovers and pet owners usually claim that they know every trait about their pet, it could be just the opposite. Animal psychology is based upon its behavioral patterns. A cute growl of a puppy could be a dangerous warning. Animals need their space and while you may think their behavior could be construed for innocence, you should be on the watch out for something unexpected.

While this woman slept with a python every night, she was about to find out why her loving python suddenly stopped eating. Every night it would lie curled up with her, slithering over her, snuggling with her. It was as loving as every pet could be and none could ever expect that a python could show such loving and caring behavior.

What the vet revealed about the python was shocking!

The 7 foot long python was really big. It would have definitely taken ill if it kept on starving itself. A large full grown python needs its nourishment. It has to eat. She decided that she couldn’t take it any longer and decided to show it to a vet. When the vet examined the python and asked about its behavioral patterns, what he revealed to this woman was shocking. He asked whether the python slept with her, snuggling up to her and stretching itself out all around her. She said, “Yes! Every day and it makes me so sad that I can’t help him feel better.” A revelation such as what the vet confirmed would have definitely made any person’s blood run cold. Here’s what the doctor told her.

“Your Python isn’t t sick at all” the vet told her. What the vet told her next gave her the ultimate shock. “Madam, Your PYTHON IS PREAPRING TO EAT YOU.” The vet went on to explain that the python was actually sizing her up. Its behavior of slithering all over her body, hugging her and remaining close to her was actually a rehearsal of the grand feast it was preparing to have. The woman in question!!

What the vet revealed about the python was shocking!

Will she still sleep with her pet python? That’s doubtful!!

The main reason why the python wasn’t eating was because it was saving its stomach for digesting something really big. It was toning up its own digestion. It was waiting patiently for a proper time to strike and eat its prey. This speaks a lot about keeping a python as a pet. Till now this woman slept with a python every night, there’s no doubt, she won’t be doing it again.

There is a big lesson to be learned from such a story. While conventional pets are still considered domiciled and docile with socially accepted behavior, exotic pets can’t be the same.

Pythons Are Carnivorous Predators, They Belong In the Jungle

A python is a carnivorous predator. Unless you don’t have the exceptional skills to manage a huge reptile, you should never keep such pets. In 2009, a 3 year old toddler was almost crushed to death by an 18 foot python in Las Vegas. He turned blue from asphyxiation but was saved in time when the python’s babysitter (YES!!You heard right!! Not the toddler’s babysitter), stabbed it with a knife. The reptile was euthanized due to its injuries.

Pythons Are Carnivorous Predators, They Belong In the Jungle

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  1. I cudnt sleep in a house with a python,sure wont be one in my bed!!! She need a puppy or a stuffed animal!!ha!! God was looking out for her!! I never understand snakes as pets!! :-\

  2. That woman needs to get a life!!! Anyone that sleeps with a snake has got some serious problems!!

  3. I have several large pythons and I love them very much. Never would I sleep with one. I take em out and cuddle and live them but when I’m done, back in their tanks they go! All cages are locked and have weights placed on top so that there is no chance of escape. They make lively pets but still live by their natural instincts.

  4. Sounds like she was talking about slick willie and killary. The snake and the bimbo

  5. It happened in Canada. Gatineau. A four and six year old boy were killed by Anescaped pythonfrom the reptile zoo, below where the owner lived. The poor darlings were there for a sleep over with his sons. As they slept in the living room, the Python escaped through a vent, exphiciated the boys then began to bite,chew on them. They’re way past dead. But it happened here. No bs. Beth you the stupid mf.

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