AMEN! What Donald Trump Just Tweeted About The Rioters Needs To Be Seen By EVERY American


Donald J. Trump is back on Twitter after laying low for the past few weeks.

All the pundits have been telling him to stay off Twitter because it isn’t “presidential”.

The problem with that is the pundits proved during this election cycle that they have no idea what they are talking about.

Trump is going to be Trump.

That’s obviously a winning formula.

One of his most recent tweets was very appropriate and it focused on the topic of the insane rioting we have seen in the aftermath of his victory.

On Fox News this morning, the anchors were acting like this tweet is a bad thing.

They said something to the effect of, “Here goes crazy Trump again! Off the rails on Twitter”.

It’s really odd for them to act like that.  There’s nothing wrong with that tweet.

Today, Trump tweeted the following and every American needs to see it.

Nice!  Nothing wrong with this one either.

Obviously, it’s a little passive-aggressive but if he keeps tweeting like this I don’t see what the problem is.

The guy is going to get things done.

That’s all that matters.

That’s what the voters want.


0 thoughts on “AMEN! What Donald Trump Just Tweeted About The Rioters Needs To Be Seen By EVERY American

  1. The violent protesters whether emotionally adolelescent or paid for by Soros need to be imprisoned.
    Where is the FBI and Secret Service? Hasv Obummer stopped them from protecting America and our new President? Bring out the National Guard stop the violence now!

  2. He’s President now so it’s time for the bullshit to stop….If protesters are destroying private property, blocking traffic, or anything else illegal they should be arrested….I have never seen so many idiotic people in my life…it’s time to grow up
    Trump is now President and will be for the next four years deal with it

  3. Obama is probably on soris s payroll as well, but he has never been a president with balls, cause hez muslim.

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