A Homeless Woman Was Found In A Child’s Bed, How Much Time She Spent In Jail Will…


It is no secret that Portland, Oregon has a serious problem when it comes to homelessness. In fact, you’ll see a plethora of homeless people lounging around on street corners.

Portland is facing a homeless crisis like many other Democrat-led cities across the nation.

However, our featured story today centers around Kelsey Smith, the Portland woman who said she heard her dog barking. She assumed contractors were doing work in her son’s bedroom. But when she got to the room, she found no contractors.

Smith had the shock of her life after finding a homeless woman lying on her child’s bed – then was left completely upset again after the liberal city’s woke district attorney let the intruder get away detach in one day.

Smith said, “The dogs continued to go crazy, specifically my chihuahua, which was running circles around my legs, which was really unusual. I followed her to where the other dog was into my children’s bedroom.”

“My lab was standing on top of the bed on top of a pile of clean clothes that I had thrown on there. I walked in wondering if she had cornered a mouse or something because she was going crazy and I realized there was a person under there,” Smith added.

Smith’s son has a medical condition that warranted a camera set up to monitor his room and it captured much of the homeless woman’s discovery on video.

At first, Smith thought her husband was playing a trick on her when she saw the mound under the clothes. But she realized the homeless woman, later identified as 54-year-old Lynn Zinser, had found her son’s bed just right. She had entered by following a group of contractors into the house and entering an unlocked door the workers were using.

As the Portland mom backed out of the room and called for help, Zinser awoke and lunged at Smith and then attacked her with an ottoman.

“My first thought was what is going on?” said Smith. “The fear didn’t come until after she was gone and I started to run through the scenarios in my head about how this could have played out differently if my younger kids had been home. My 24-year-old son heard the commotion and came running upstairs, charging up the stairs because he knew something was wrong. He went straight out the door and into the street following her, calling 911.”

Zinser was arrested and booked into Multnomah County Sheriff’s jail. She was charged with burglary and harassment but her bail was set at $0 by the district attorney who then dropped the charges and released the woman back onto the streets.

Smith said, “I said ok, I want to press charges. This is not ok. Then I found out they released her the next day. That’s really disheartening considering we went through and looked at our Next Door app and there was another person who had posted a picture of her breaking into their house.”

“I’ve had multiple people send me her arrest reports which is a very long list of trespassing, harassment, assault and burglary. I actually just spoke with my mail carrier today who told me she’s started to carry mace because the woman was harassing her, that she couldn’t walk down the street without the woman screaming at her, swearing at her, following her around. She told me she doesn’t feel safe around that woman,” Smith added.

As the Daily Mail reports, Portland’s “woke DA Mike Schmidt is an outspoken progressive and police critic who came into office during the height of the riots in the summer of 2020.”

The DA’s office did not warn Smith that the intruder was free again.

Since taking office, Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt has implemented significantly relaxed bail reform policies.

Smith said, “I feel like the city is declining rapidly and there is a need for more mental health services, more training for the police, probably more police, more community outreach, but I don’t know. I’m not a city official. I don’t know what the answers are, but I do know that what they are doing right now is not working.”

Watch the video below:

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