A Mystery Charge Showed Up On Their Dinner Check, And They Absolutely Lost It…


TikTok has become the latest sensation in social media, especially among food service workers. Many servers and restaurant staff are recording their time on the job and posting it on the app. They reveal what really happens while they’re at work, and in the process, some of their videos have gone viral.

In February 2023, a server from Olive Garden went viral for something she did to a customer who was sharing her food with another diner at the table. The server posted a five-second video on TikTok, which showed a customer’s bill. The on-screen text read, “POV you witnessed the guest who said she wasn’t hungry, eating some soup and salad, so you charged $9.99.”

The video received an overwhelming response from people who expressed differing opinions. Some felt that the server was wrong for charging the other diner, while others thought it was justified.

One compassionate person wrote, “If someone needs to share a soup and salad, they’re probably struggling. I wouldn’t be so proud of myself for charging them.” Another person seemed to miss the point that the server would likely get a bigger tip by increasing the size of the total bill since tips are based on a percentage of the bill in question.

One person shared their experience of going through the same thing in another restaurant. They wrote, “This happened at a village inn. My husband took a couple of sips of my coffee, and they charged us for an entire pot!”

Another person asked, “So what does Olive Garden do with the uneaten portions of salad? They trash them, so unless they order another helping, then it shouldn’t matter.”

While some people expressed concern for the server, others supported her actions. One person wrote, “Y’all saying that’s her tip, but if the lady is sneaking a shared meal, I promise you she probably wasn’t going to tip anyways.”

Regardless of people’s opinions, the viral video on TikTok highlights the power of social media in bringing attention to issues in the food service industry. It has opened up discussions about the ethics of charging customers for sharing their orders, which is a common practice in some restaurants.

While not all videos go viral, those that do have the potential to spark conversations and bring attention to important issues.

Watch the video below for more details:


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