Sick Thug Stole An 87yr Old Woman’s Purse, Then Karma Came Running After Him! [VIDEO]


We will never know when such horrible robbery incidents will occur, and it is indeed scary. For many, it is common that we feel shocked or choose to stay away from when suddenly such a situation occurs.

Well, not for this young man from Ohio who witnesses a robbery incident, instead of watching, he chooses to catch the suspect.

The local police force recognized his efforts, and the ‘hero’ for helping the 87-year-old woman, who was robbed also received an award. It happened Sunday at Kroger on Oxford State Road in Lemon Township.

It all started when an elderly woman was checking out at a grocery store when a thief suddenly snatched her purse and ran. However, before he could get away, the woman’s “hero” came out of nowhere and delivered justice.

Surveillance footage at the Kroger on Oxford State Road in Lemon Township shows a man in a black and yellow jacket chasing a man in the blue jacket out of the store and down to the ground.

Pressley said in a statement:

“I heard her screaming and yelling … it was the yell that I need help. And I just turned around and did what I needed to do as a citizen.”

“He was running and looking back, running and looking back, and I was like ‘yeah, I’m on your a–,” Pressley said to laughs from those present.

Then, Pressley chased Vaughn down and tackled him in the grocery store parking lot and making a citizen’s arrest. As Pressley and Vaughn fought, more bystanders appeared from inside the store and from other parts of the parking lot.

Sheriff Richard Jones says that when they arrived at the scene, the suspect seemed relieved that the officers were taking him off Pressley’s hands. He was arrested and charged with felony robbery and theft.

(Butler County Sheriff’s Office / Storyful)

The sheriff’s office shared news of this event on its Facebook page, announcing the news that Pressley was “honored” and that “The suspect is in jail and these two are now Forever Friends.” Said suspect is reported to be 58-year-old Derek Vauhn.

The post is accompanied by photos of Pressley receiving a framed certificate complete with official gold seals, as well as him standing beside county officials, and embracing Goins. With that post receiving 10k likes, 6.6k shares, and almost a thousand comments by time of writing, Pressley has become a hero in Ohio and the country.

Those who have read his story already call him “the epitome of what is right with our world and mankind” and expressed hope others will follow his example.

Pat Goins
Pat Goins (right) stood with her hero Deshawn Pressley (left) as he received the Citizen’s Award for making a citizen’s arrest. (Photo Credit: Butler County Sheriff’s Office)

Watch it here: Local12/Youtube

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