A Top Republican Just Took One Of Biden’s Top People And Took Her To The Woodshed!

West Virginia Senator Shelley Moore Capito has made a name for herself as the top Republican on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, and she recently grilled one of President Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) nominees in regards to an old tweet that included the hashtag #ResistCaptalism.

President Joe Biden nominated Carlton Waterhouse in June to serve as the assistant administrator for the EPA office of Land and Emergency Management, and he was one of the three nominees to appear at this committee hearing. Capito pressed Waterhouse to explain his 2015 tweet where he was claiming that the “ends don’t justify the means” where the concept of energy is concerned.

“I’m from an energy-producing state, and you have a wide variety of experience in a lot of different areas. As you would imagine, my staff and others have looked through your Twitter feed and I have a couple questions,” Capito said, taking him to task.

“One is a tweet you tweeted in 2015 when you said, ‘The ugly truth about energy. The ends don’t justify the means.’ And then you hashtagged a bunch of things, one of which was #ResistCapitalism,” she continued.

“You are going to be dealing in your position with a lot of private entities. … What does ‘resist capitalism’ mean to you and how would that interplay with what you would be doing? What does it mean when you say energy ends don’t justify the means?”

Waterhouse played dumb, telling Capito that he couldn’t recall the context of the tweet, claiming that it was quoting another user’s tweet that has since been deleted. Considering that liberals use old quotes against conservatives all the time as well, I guess what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

“I recognize the value of capitalism as a way of making sure goods and services are made available to people, and I think reasonable and responsible regulation allows us to make sure people can be safe and protected in the environment in their daily lives,” he added.

Waterhouse also faced some scrutiny over some of his previous comments regarding race. For example, in a 2006 paper he argued in favor of reparations for black people in a 2006 paper and he claimed in yet another 2015 tweet that police shootings were a “symptom” of the “problem” of “white racial dominance.”

GOP Senator Tom Cotton (AR) said that Waterhouse was an “extremist” in his August statement to Fox News and said he “supports fringe environmental and racist policies.” The last thing we need is more extremists in the Biden Administration, that is for sure.