Thought Police Arrested A Veteran For A “Anxiety Inducing” Facebook Post


Woke mobs get offended by a post on Social media, now, they want the veteran arrested for causing anxiety.

On Friday, a British army veteran in Aldershot, Hampshire, England was harassed and arrested for allegedly “causing anxiety” after he posted an online meme depicting pride flags in the shape of a swastika.

According to the Daily Mail, Darren Brady, 51, was arrested by Hampshire Police and taken out of the house in handcuffs.

Take a look at the moment it happened here:

More details of this report from The Daily Mail:

A police force has been slammed by its own crime commissioner after an army veteran was arrested for sharing an image posted by Laurence Fox on social media.

Donna Jones, Tory police and crime commissioner for Hampshire, issued a statement on Friday highlighting concern over ‘both the proportionality and necessity of the police’s response’ after the 51-year-old man was arrested at his home in Aldershot for ‘malicious communications’.

The arrest was in relation to the man having shared a picture tweeted by actor turned campaigner Mr Fox of a picture of a swastika made out of a number of pride flags.

The tweet resulted in a sharp backlash, with Twitter temporarily freezing his account for violating their ‘hateful imagery’ policy, and a Assembly member calling on the to investigate Mr Fox. He was not arrested.

Harry Miller, a former police officer, was also arrested after claiming he had tried to prevent the former serviceman from being detained, The Telegraph reports.

In her statement, Ms Jones said: ‘When incidents on social media receive not one but two visits from police officers, but burglaries and non-domestic break-ins don’t always get a police response, something is wrong.’

Here in America, our Founders had the wit to set out our rights explicitly in the Bill of Rights. However, as the past 20-odd years have shown us, even rights put down on paper matter only if we defend them in the flesh. Otherwise, we do will find ourselves under arrest for hurting someone’s feelings…kind of like the January 6 prisoners who languish in cells without bail and without trials for having “paraded” and “protested,” all because it’s convenient to the Democrats to keep them that way.

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