After Leftist New Mexico Protesters Jump a Man, He Has No Choice But To Draw His Weapon and Open Fire


When it comes to these leftist protests, it might be time that we started to see the writing on the wall. I’m not thrilled to say this by any means, but the latest events I’m about to tell you about were definitely bound to happen sooner or later. In all honesty, I’m pretty shocked that these events took this long to happen in the first place! 

First of all, here’s a little background information. We’ve definitely seen the videos of all of these rabid, violent ANTIFA mobs or ANTIFA “black” punks wearing their all-black attire and beating the tar out of someone, and we know that it is definitely reminiscent of a filthy gang attack. 

Moreover, it isn’t no surprise when we see BLM engaged in gang types of violence either. 

However, of course, these leftist mobs will just simply say that those on the right are only going to engage in similar behavior, even though it hasn’t really been witnessed as of yet. However, there is one pressing question that many of us have had: 

Do you suppose there is ever going to come a time where an individual who is legally armed will have to defend themselves against this angry mob? Well, apparently we got the answer to that question just a few days ago. 

Per a report from the Chicago Tribune: 

“Albuquerque officials have arrested a 31-year-old man after he was involved in a shooting where protesters in this New Mexico city were trying to dismantle a statue of a Spanish conquistador located at the Albuquerque museum, according to a Tuesday report. 

The shooting apparently happened after a Monday night altercation where protesters and a large group of armed men were clashing over a statue of Spanish explorer Juan de Onate. Protesters put a chain around a statue and were tugging on it. This was accompanied by the chant, “Tear it down.” In the meantime, there was a protester that was swinging a pickax at the structure at the structure as well. 

Gunshots rang out on the street a few moments later, and some people yelled that a person had just been shot.” 

Of course, that was simply the liberal new media’s version of events. Another account of this incident was posted by one John Cardillo on his Twitter account, which was a video that claims to show an entirely different version of events: 

“After an ANTIFA mob violently attacked a New Mexico man who was attempting to stop their criminal activity, he had no choice but to draw his weapon and shoot one of the protesters. After that, they scattered like a bunch of rats.” 

Of course, I will give Mr. Cardillo credit, because he definitely showed which side he was on with his further statements. “If they illegally charge this man, I will be donating to his defense account,” Cardillo said. 

Well John, it might be time for you to make good on that promise and open up your wallet, because it looks like if what happened to that statue is any indication, this man is going to be in deep legal jeopardy over simply just defending himself. 

The Chicago Tribune commented further on the issue, saying that: 

“After the shooting, the city decided to remove the statue until they could determine further steps regarding the issue.” 

What do you think the lesson is going to be here? I’ll tell you what it is going to be…apparently, defending yourself from an angry mob is now illegal and vandalism will often result in success for your issue. Two-year-olds everywhere would be proud of how poorly this mob acted! 

Sadly, it seems apparent that America is losing her spine. When we see the day that literal mobs are roaming the streets along with gangs totally dismantling society, we are not seeing peaceful protests but instead, attempts to topple our orderly American society and force us into a hideously violent civil war. 

No, nobody wants to see anyone get hurt. However, it is becoming increasingly clear from the video that this man was simply leaving the area and trying to escape with his life. After he was jumped for a second time, that is when he had no choice but to open fire. I’d like to ask all the liberals what their solution to this debacle would have been. Should he have just stood there and let this mob beat him half to death? 

What ever happened to human beings having the right to defend themselves? Don’t kid yourself here: most people would utilize that right if they or a family member was attacked. 

It does appear that this man didn’t have a choice in the matter but to use his weapon. Moreover, this video shows why NEVER using your gun, unless it is for your own survival, is always the best course of action. 

It really is time that people start getting down on their knees and pray for the safety of this country. This insanity must stop and this violence needs to come to an end.