ALERT: Liberals Pushing Biden To Disband Military Branch!


We need every branch of the military and at the end of the day, they all serve a purpose.

Some you think about more than others because the average person in Iowa doesn’t have much contact with someone in the Coast Guard.

That being said, the idea of getting rid of a branch of the military because of the fact that you just don’t like it is absolutely insane.

Then again, most things that liberals want to do are totally insane.

If the far-left wing of the Democratic Party gets its way, the Space Force will come crashing down.

“Nearly three dozen progressive groups have appealed to President-elect Joe Biden to fold up the new Space Force and cancel major weapons, impose a cap on private contractors, and prohibit lobbyists from filling top Pentagon positions, according to a detailed blueprint sent to the transition team,” Politico reported Tuesday.

SpaceNews, which also obtained the memo, reported that “a group of progressive and anti-war organizations” labeled the Space Force — created under President Donald Trump — as an “unnecessary bureaucracy that costs $16 billion in 2021” that has its focus on “militarization rather than cooperation in space.”

The outlet noted that the $16 billion Space Force budget was taken from the existing Air Force budget.

Sarah Mineiro, an adjunct senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security, pointed out that the Space Force was formed in legislation approved by a Democrat-led House majority.

“Support for Space Force has been both bipartisan and bicameral and is unlikely to be eroded by the demands of this group of progressives,” she told Space News.

“Surely the Biden administration will have more pressing legislative priorities than this in the context of COVID, the economy, and domestic priorities,” Mineiro said.

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