ALERT: Syrian “Refugee” Arrested For Murdering 17 Year Old Girl….


Angela Merkel may no longer be chancellor of Germany, but her deadly legacy lives on.

Over the weekend, police in the state of Baden Wuerttemberg discovered the body of a 17-year-old German girl who had apparently been murdered.

And the suspect is a 35-year-old Syrian refugee who has been arrested and remains in custody after appearing before a magistrate.

By now, this news will likely be blocked in the German press.

Since Tuesday, July 12, Tabitha had been missing, when she left home in the village of Asperg to go shopping in the city of Ludwigsburg. Tabitha took the bus, but never returned home.

On Sunday, investigators found the body of the 17-year-old. Police and State Prosecuopt’s office are assuming homicide.

The Gateway Pundit dropped some details of the tragic incident via PI News:

Her parents alerted the police, who began searching for her with public service announcements and then with drones, helicopters and dogs on the weekend.

On Sunday, her dead body was found near a water treatment facility in the woods.

On Saturday, police had already arrested the 35-year-old Syrian suspect.  Police have not given a reason for the arrest. Presumably the arrest had to with the fact the victim hab been sighted in the man’s silver BMW 320, which was idnetified as part of the search.

Leading German patriotic website PI News reports that activist and “Islamist Hunter” Irfan Peci identified the suspect as Naiem Alnmrin, who reportedly came to Germany as a “refugee” 2018. On his Facebook page, Alnmrin posed with a BMW with Ludwigsburg tags resembling the one the police were looking for, in an aggressive, gangsta-rapper style pose. Peci will go live on GETTR today at 8 pm CET (2 pm Eastern) to discuss the case (in German with automatic subtitles available).

An acquaintance from Damascus commented on the photo, “It’s their money, but your… (car). Congratulations, Habibi!”, seemingly mocking the German taxpayers who funded accused killer Alnmrin’s gangsta lifestyle.

Alnmrini on his way to Germany 2018

This kind of crime is happening all too often in Germany and the rest of Western Europe. Angela Merkel and other German politicians, past and present, have the blood of innocent Germans on their hands.

When will Germany’s leaders say, “Enough!” and stop importing violent criminals into their country under the guise of a humanitarian refugee policy?

Sources: TheGatewayPundit, PI News