And Here We Go…..Now They Are Saying A Third Shot Is On The Way!


I think what they’re saying is that we will have PLENTY of COVID vaccine shots if the Virus continues to mutate.

Moderna Inc. said Thursday it expects people who received its two-dose Covid-19 vaccine to need a booster shot in the fall to keep strong protection against newer variants of the coronavirus.

What a surprising announcement.

The company said its vaccine remains 90% effective against preventing Covid-19 disease for at least six months, but said it sees a decline in antibody levels after six months, especially against newer strains of the coronavirus including the Delta variant. In a Phase 2 study, a third shot of the original formulation showed robust antibody responses against Covid-19 variants of concern, Moderna said.

Here’s an excerpt from Yahoo News report:

Moderna said Thursday that people will likely need a COVID-19 vaccine booster dose to protect against future mutations of the coronavirus, touting the “robust” antibody response generated by the additional shot.

Vaccine developers at Moderna “are looking forward towards our vision of a single dose annual booster that provides protection against COVID-19, flu and [respiratory syncytial virus] for adults. … We believe this is just the beginning,” CEO Stephane Bancel said.

The company has conducted studies to determine the benefits of administering a third “booster” shot of its two-dose vaccine to protect against the highly contagious delta variant that accounts for a majority of COVID-19 cases, as well as any future strains of the virus that develop.

Moderna’s Phase 2 trial of a 50-microgram booster dose generated a strong immune response against the delta, gamma, and beta variants — all of which seem to spread more easily and quickly than other variants, which could lead to more COVID-19 outbreaks. The third dose produced an antibody response nearly as strong as the response generated in previously unvaccinated people who received the first two doses of the vaccine.

In the second quarter, Moderna posted a profit of $6.46 a share, a rise from a loss of 31 cents a share in last year’s second quarter. Analysts had been forecasting earnings of $5.96 a share, according to FactSet.

In another sign of the company’s rapid growth, it said it employed about 1,800 people at the end of June, compared with just over 930 a year ago.

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