ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Dad Gets Arrested After Taking Away His Daughter’s Cell Phone After He Finds “Cruel” Text Messages On It!

Ronald Jackson is a Texas dad who is not afraid of dealing with a daughter who has a bit of teenage angst. However, even he wasn’t prepared for just how much liberalism has started to run amok in this country.
After he was arrested for confiscating his 15-year-old daughter Skylar’s iPhone because of her “cruel” messages to his new stepdaughter, he spoke to INSIDE EDITION regarding the whole fiasco.
“I don’t consider it cruel punishment,” he said. However, Skylar’s mother saw things differently, and decided to file criminal charges against her ex-husband. They arrested Ronald Jackson, charging him with theft of property.
Throughout the whole ordeal, Jackson maintained that the only reason he was arrested at all was because his ex is dating a local police officer. Jackson claimed that he has been victimized by a police bullying campaign, but of course authorities are denying that is the case.
“The police department has no right to interfere with my right to discipline my own daughter,” Jackson told a local reporter.
They heard the case in a Dallas-area court, and Skylar took the stand against her father. Although they testified for two days, the jury didn’t take long to return a not guilty verdict.
“A big weight was lifted off my shoulders,” Jackson said.
Even though he became embroiled in a huge legal mess, Jackson continued to hold on to the phone. “I certainly wanted to make sure that I stood my ground. When she is with me, I have a right to parent her the way I see fit.
Even though he was found not guilty, Skylar wanted to sign away all of his parental rights.
Jackson said that there is now a huge rift between him and his daughter, and it’s basically all over a cell phone.
Do you think that Mr. Jackson had a right to discipline his daughter in this manner? Do you think the police overreacted? Feel free to let us know!