Ben Carson Loses It On Live TV, DEMANDS That Obama Do THIS

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After several attacks worldwide on Easter Sunday, you would think that President Obama would finally acknowledge that Christians are at war. At least300 people were injured and more than 70 were killed in Pakistan after a suicide bomber belonging to the Taliban-associated group Jamaat-ul-Ahrar targeted a Christian gathering at a public park.

In the days following the attack, President Obama has received immense criticism.

Former presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson appeared on Fox & Friends to bash the Obama administration for failing to specify that the bombing was an Islamic attack of terrorism that was clearly and undeniably targeted at Christians.

“I can’t really explain why our administration goes out of its way not to include the fact that Christians are being persecuted,” Carson commented.

Watch the full interview below and tell us what you think. Do you agree with Carson?

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  1. Hello, I agree with Dr. Carson-he is so right. Christians are being assinated. That is going to happen right here in USA. We have to protect ourselves some way and quit being suckers. Trumph is the only one to do this.

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